here + there.

spring sunshine.
our daily bread.
our daily (spiritual) bread + mama fuel.
Hudson + Mewsli heart.
cougar + cheerios.
that look.
tossing kids off bridges... a family stroll.
Another week, another peek at the moments that filled our nest.

Let's just shout it out together now shall we... "c'mon SPRING!!!"  I think anyone on this side of the planet is really getting eager for some real warmth and real sunshine already.
Just getting outside with the kids more often has been great.

The birds resume their singing, coaxing a delicate hope from the wintry cages of my own spirit.  
While the sweet purple petals bloom up through the cold mud, reminding me that we are all longing to be reborn in this season.
Fresh starts.
Fresh perspectives.

It comes slow some days.  
Other days like an instant train wreck.

We're still trying to walk by faith in days that keep testing it.
But I would rather have trials that push me closer to dependence on God,
then a life of ease that tempts me to forget my need of Him.

Sometimes we need to steep our hearts in gratitude,
to keep them soft and love-able.
Discouragement, disillusion, dissatisfaction are always eager to turn hearts cold.

May we break free of those wintry grips,
and spring forth into new hope.
Even if those blooms feel tender and trembling.

my prayer for you and I,

Mel ;o)


  1. oh my goodness, that look! lovely moments. thank you for the prayer! xo

  2. Pretty pretty sunshine. Even though it won't be staying... the thought of all the snow/ice mix coming our way is making me feel a little weak in the knees... and not in a good way. Sigh. We can do this... we can do this... we can do this. lol.

  3. Gypsy in Jasper10 April 2013 at 12:12

    It looks like things around there are just lovely. I'm definitely screaming "c'mon spring" on my end. It keeps teasing me. We have sunny days that are absolutely freezing and then we have a glorious warm day and then the following day it snows. Brutal, I tell you!

    That bridge is so pretty with the blue sky and the wispy clouds. Gorgeous, darling!

  4. Yes.. it will be a blessed day when spring really .. really decides to stick around.. snow on the horizon here again!!! argh! That bridge is one of our favourite spots.. ;o) xx

  5. I'm wobbling my knees right along side you.. ay yi yi! Hope you and your crew are keeping well regardless of this sanity squelching weather! xx

  6. That look indeed.. such a passionate.intense lil' pixie we have! ;o) Have a lovely day mama.xx

  7. You have a beautiful heart, lady!! Keep doing what you're doing!xx

  8. That loaf of bread looks so amazing :)
    My mom's going to be home really soon. Like, the end of the month. And seeing these photos of your cozy home, tea/coffee and bread makes me super excited about coming over for a visit! So, sometime in May I think, fingers crossed. Also, I had a brainwave recently! You and I and Jen and the kids- maybe we should go camping over night at Beavermead this summer!? Is that a brilliant or crazy idea? Maybe both.
    So excited for spring! Freezing rain this morning! What the shizzle?!

  9. ben's buns are da best!! lol... i mean, he's a great baker! Oh it would be lovely to see y'all again!
    The camping idea sounds... insane but fun... not like we sleep here anyway! ;o)
    weather=gross! xx you=awesome!

  10. ...awww, takes one to know one then! ;o) xx


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