[M.M.13] our little miss funny face.

Welcome back to Monday Mamalogues!
Linking up to share the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood.
Yes, she still drinks her tea with a spoon...
(the funniest thing about this video - the silence - from miss non.stop.banter.all.day).

This 3.5 year old gal is our daily source of hilarity!
Some days she has you laughing so much you could cry...
...while other days she's crying so much, you just have to laugh.
So, either way... laughter!
Lately I've started scribbling down the silly things she says, (fodder for those comics).
So here's a few gems from this past week or so:

+ "Mama, maybe you could get some music to come out from behind your mouth there"
(i.e. sing ).

+ "Daddy, you have strong powers to make my movie go on".
(flattery wins).

+ "WOW Mom - you look fancy... like a jaguar"
(????!! ...more like a cougar).

+ "It's raining rocks... ohhhh dear".
(i.e. hail stones... don't get me started).

+ (while her lil' brother is crying) "He wants butter and cream".

+ "I tooted out a garbage!!"
(i.e. a stinky fart).
Ah, yes, the things our children say.
It never gets old, and it keeps us young with laughter.

The craziest thing is - if I don't write these down - I'll have forgotten what she said two minutes later.
I miss my brain.

mama Mel ;o) 

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  1. Claudia Guerreiro15 April 2013 at 09:25

    lol "i tooted out a garbage" wins hands down! lol we say tooted around here too. happy monday!

  2. Just a few minutes ago Reg had a good one: while sitting on the potty waiting to have a poo, he says to me "Mommy, drum-roll pleeeeease!" I really wanted to laugh, but he was already in trouble for wetting his pants and not being asleep in bed... oh I could just pinch him! lol

  3. baha!! Must be Tim's influence eh? ;o) Hilarious.

  4. Ha! Yep.. its like every kid should have their own comedy channel! Bet you're a fun aunt too ;o)

  5. lots of toot humour around here... lol. Glad you linked up Lily's funny sayings too!! xx


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