pinafore love.

pinafores and petals

My latest sewing project - a toddler pinafore smock top.
You may remember me posting about my desire to sew one of these beauties for my gal... and I finally got the chance to sit down and make it on tuesday night.. sew fun! 

supplies at the ready!

The most remarkable part of this project is that I actually followed a pattern [in direct contrast to my usual 'wing-it' approach to sewing.cooking.anything!].  I decided to follow the rules laid out in my fun book One-Yard Wonders.  It proved helpful.  Though I still plan on 'winging' a few more outfits soon for Azi...  I'm just that kinda sewing rebel. ;o)

And here's what came out of the sewing machine:

Azriel's 'extreme sport' of late - sucking lemons.  Detail of the vintage heart button on pinafore lace.

 I am really happy with how this turned out... and there's enough room that she can wear it for a while too. 

Also makes for a great portable picnic blanket for all her snacks.

Pulls together at the back with lace ties.
So there you have it.. another edition of the crazy [and cute] clothes I craft for my child.
Have you been sporting any new threads for Spring?
Mel :o)

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