Wow... can you believe it's October already?!
I'm so excited for this month - it's packed full of fun weekends at this nest.
This is the month of birthdays (my Dad & daughter)
...of feasting (Thanksgiving) and more!
Kicking off the month with this weekend - which was wonderful:
Painting in all my 'glory' ...pajamas, plaid and baby gut hanging out.

Saturday farmer's market.  The cold snap and pummeling winds didn't dampen our spirits once we shoved perogies, chocolate-ginger cupcakes and coffee into our faces.  Oh, we also came home with a basket of apples!

While daughter Azriel napped... husband Ben made his delicious homemade bread.

During said nap, mama here whipped up some matching mittens for daddy & daughter.

Then it was out for fun in the sun at our favourite spot: Jackson Park.

 Azriel loves sliding... and lucky for Ben, catching her Dad too.

As per usual, she also loves collecting every stick she sees... but this was a bit ridiculous.

 Mama and Azi - just a couple of woodland gnomes.

'Family Dinner Saturdays' - another blur of delicious food, family and fun.

 From our family to yours... Happy Fall!

What do you love most about this season?

There's so much to be thankful for.
Mel ;o)


  1. i always love your photos...so beautiful and fun!!  your family is just so sweet! 

    i love dressing the kids in layers once again...just to know they are cozy makes me feel happy:) 

    have a great week...thnaks for another lovely post to peek through:)


  2. here here!  I love and enjoy the layers.  I love to get out the "winter gear basket"  and re-discover my most favorite neck warmer I literally wear every single day for every single occasion right up until spring.  I also almost always remember how much i love working with fibers and usually create piles of crochet bags and silly creatures, but my most favorite part of this season is that it means that much i'm closer to spending 4 glorious months with the love of my life every day, all day (the perks of seasonal jobs!)


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