...more creations from this nest.

Oh it's really starting to look like Christmas out there today friends!  I love those big snowy doilies falling from the sky... it feels like we're living in a snow-globe today.  I'm also feeling festive from all this crafting for tomorrow's Focus Fair... like a Santa's elf here.

During yesterday's peek at my pottery I forgot to mention that I will have my bird ornaments all perched and ready to sell too (above: Azriel like hers birds in a row).

And here's more of the goodies I'll be cramming onto my display table:
1. Doily earrings are back again (these ones are larger 'snowflakes').
2.  Deer painted stencils on cosy fabric hoops.
3. Bird painted stencils on festive fabric hoops.
4. New line of felt/embroidered brooches with wood buttons.

Currently I'm sewing up wrist warmers for the whole family - there will be toddler size and adult - all in a cosy deer knit pattern.  These are the 'fashion trend' to enjoy for yourself this winter.

Now, off to finish all the last minute details, and have a date night with my Ben!
See you on the flip side friends,

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Those deer stencils are really awesome looking!!  Love the tartan backdrops!

  2. Hey, thanks! The Scottish in me loves those tartans/plaids too ;o)  have a great day!

  3. If you don't have an etsy store already you should definitely make one!  This way I can buy your wares!  :)


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