To be honest, I'm not a big fan of making 'new years resolutions' (maybe I can't handle the disappointment of failure - hehe).  Now I know it's good to have goals.hopes.plans to keep some form of direction.momentum.vision for ones life - so in the spirit of embracing lofty resolutions to ensure a better year ahead - I publicly declare the following resolutions:

I promise to eat more chocolate.

I will have a baby.

I must read more - like, a book a month (since my husband is starting to think I'm illiterate for how little I read anymore)...

I hope to grow as a wife.mother.daughter.sister.friend.

I need to keep growing in the grace and knowledge of my great God.

I desire to keep crafting.upcycling.and creating.
I will put crazy colours back in my hair.

So yah, there's a rundown of my resolutions - specific and broad alike.

What about you?
Happy New Year friends!

Mel ;o)

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  1. Hah, yes, DO eat more chocolate!  I like that one.


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