handmade Christmas: [snowflake mobile d.i.y.]

Here's another festive home decor project from our nest.  Last time I showed you the advent flags I had sewn.  This edition spotlights the snowflake mobile I created to throw some 'snow' into our dining area - as I plan to hang it over our dining table for the holiday season.  And if you know me by now... you know it's going to involve doily-upcycling! ;o)

It's a super simple do.it.yourself project too.  Just go find a groovy branch in the woods (you could paint it white or red...).  I strung cut-out doilies onto fish line and hung them from the branch.  I also wrapped various types of lace ribbon around the branch (you could use colourful wool too).  I may still hang some turquoise ornaments from it...
Easy and delightful decor!

I was also delighted to score this large chair 'doily' while thrifting for only $2.50!  I love throwing these, and cosy crocheted ivory blankets, over our chairs/couches during the winter months.

Sure, it sounds pretty - but toddlers make a quick mess of home decor dreams...
albeit a beautiful. giggle-full. mess!

How's your home decor coming along for the holiday season?
I'm positively itching to go cut down a tree soon!

Mel ;o)

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