handmade Christmas:[a peek in our nest]...

 Welcome!  And here's what the Christmas trimmings are looking like in our nest this year:

Fresh cedar. pine cones. red berries. white pillar candles. and a wee owl all nestled on our fireplace mantel.

Ginormous stockings I sewed last year (I love the tree motif fabric).  I know they're big - but all we do as a family are stockings right now... so I want to 'maximise' the moment! ;o)

Mewsli & Tinderpuff seem to enjoy the new arrangement of the couch.   You can see that I did end up adding turquoise ornaments to the doily snowflake mobile hanging over our table.

We pulled the couch out to make room for the tree... so we can sit under it's glow.  Here's the pillow sleeves I stencilled with deer heads last year too.  You can see the advent flags hanging in the window as well.

So that's the merry glow around this nest - and there's the big.gangly tree Ben foraged from the woods!  I made that hand ornament of Azriel when she was only two months old...every year I see it and gasp at how fast she's growing.

Hope you enjoyed the festive tour, 
if you missed what our space normally looks like you can go here to view it.

Hope your day is merry and bright,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love your cat's names! And your house looks so cozy and festive!

  2. Precious I love your decorations...looks so warm and cozy...azi looks sooo adorable too!! xo

  3. adorable azi misses her Auntie by the way...  ;o) xo 

  4. Thanks Alaythea (I love YOUR name!)... have a merry merry holiday! ;o)

  5. your home looks beautiful!! I wish we had some more little decorations beside our pretty tree.. it's not too late to make some I guess. if only the days had more hours!! :)

  6. your home looks absolutely amazing and homemade and cozy....

  7. aw thanks!  I'll wish some merry lil' owls all covered in snowy down to flutter your way :o)

  8. thanks sweet Carly.. I was aiming for that, so glad it translates - homemade coziness.... mmmmm!


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