seeing the extra [in the] ordinary...

They say: 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', and if you've been around this blog long enough you'll know that's one of my motto's.  I love the whole notion of 'upcycling'.  Taking some old rejected thing... and redeeming it.

Hence, the above picture: my latest projects(s).  
1) It first struck me when our two year old started riding the gift wrap tubes around the living room... she was ready for a pony.
I'm currently transforming this $2 mop into a glorious mare for the trotting!

2) This Christmas season also means we're ingesting crate-fulls of clementines... and I saw my daughter was role-playing with all her Little People.
Thus, I'm also transforming these orange crates into doll house rooms!
(*Save your crates people, future pictures may inspire you to do the same project).

It's a thrifty approach to life - doing more with less.

Though my version of 'thrifty' is usually called 'cheap' by my husband.
And my version of 'saving-junk-for-future-possible-projects'... he calls 'hoarding'.
Which is usually when I retort "well, you're just a pessimist"...
...to which he replies "no, I'm a realist".
What we may have here is a failure to communicate!
Seriously, I love my man, (even when he doesn't share my value of clutter creativity).

But I digress... what I am saying is that I'll keep you posted on how these projects turn out!
You can always catch up on my other do.it.yourself projects here.
And if you're in the Pinterest cult... you can follow my board here.

Hope you're inspired to keep seeing the extra in the ordinary.
Craftastically yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. yeeeeee! i can't wait to see the transformations!  i'm currently scurrying around like a mad woman trying to complete all my gifts for my dudes.  i've made a kitty for gibbson out of some vintage quilt squares i've been hoarding... err, holding on to ;)  for years, and currently working on a screen printed shirt for gabe... of course i have chosen the most intricate font style... OY! 
    happy, merry my lovely mel <3

  2. Oh my goodness!  You sound so much like myself!! I recently went through and got rid of the lot of stuff I was "hoarding" for future projects because Paul kind of has the same mindset as Ben!  But of course I know I will be thinking "Where did I put that?  I know I have one of those somewhere!!"


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