winter's warming...

A watercolour sky of ultramarine and smokey greys.
Snowy lace crawling up ebony branches. 

A woven basket.
Collected pine cones. 

Rosy cheeks.
Crunching gravel underfoot. 

A hunter.
A gatherer. 

A clown.

A family hike in a winter wonderland.
A home that now reflects it's beauty... with cedar boughs, deep wine Dogwood branches, and pine cones gathered into the warmth of our nest.
Winter always makes this mama's heart warmer.
Mel ;o)


  1. That's a really, really pretty lane you were on!

  2. yes, we thought so!  Now its getting all mild and muddy again.. sheesh!  Do you still have snow in your corner of the globe? ;o)


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