slide.show.someday. take 24.

Better late than never, right friends?  Sooooo, here's what went down this past weekend in the ol' slide.show.sunday routine:
Friday night we checked out our friends group craft show Twinkle - so many great crafters there, and so many people (Caren's blog has better shots)!  My mom even popped in and clapped to some songs with our gal Azriel in the quieter hallway.

Saturday Ben baked up some yummy treats for his relatives Christmas dinner... our wee bonny lass gave her approval of his orange.chocolate.espresso shortbread!

Mama-daughter shot before our road-trip.  I'm loving my new boots!!

Needless to say, after an hour 'scenic trip' of getting lost on the highways... we got to our destination two and a half hours later... these are the times I miss a glass of wine.

This is how I prove to my in-laws that Ben married a real cutie.

Speaking of cutie, Azi did incredible for being strapped in a car for too long. surrounded by a massive crowd of relatives. and kept up way past her bedtime... (phew)!

We had the annual 'Secret Santa-a-thon'.... a.k.a steal another person's gift if you like it better.  I of course, got my pudgy fingers on some chocolate!

Sunday after church we headed down to Black Honey Cafe to get my paintings.  Turns out I had sold more pieces!  I'm also extending my stay - keeping paintings up in their back room this month, check it out. 

Phew!  That was a full. fun. festive weekend... and I'm already kind of freaked that tomorrow is already wednesday!
Anywho, that's it for now,
catch y'all later!
Mel ;o)


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you're selling lots of paintings, you talented lass you!!

  2. Ooooooh those cookies sound deliciously good.  Hooray for Christmassy weekends! I'm hoping to set up our tree tonight -- we're a bit late on that.

  3.  mmmmmMMMMm, and they were!  We still haven't set our tree up either... usuallywe go to Ben's grandparent's tree farm - but we're not sure we'll get a chance to drive out... so still trying to figure out what our plan is!  Happy decoring!

  4. thanks Des! :o)


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