slide.show.sunday.take 26.

Sneaking this slide.show in on the late hour of Monday eve here...  
here's what our weekend looked like:
 Hiking up to the mall {shudder} to finish off my Christmas shopping.

 Dessert night with some gal pals at Black Honey [post-consumption of sweet goodness shot].

 Farmer's Market - grabbing some apple cider and baked goods to inhale.  Azriel is looking rather stoic here for some reason...

 Oh the fun of wrapping gifts!  Brown paper. twine. paper doilies. glitter reindeer clothes pegs. wood-grain mac-tack for tape... now my problem is waiting (I always try to force Ben to open some of his gifts early... but he refuses.)

 Cookies and note scribbling in the sunshine...

Our annual Christmas church dinner... three feast tables full of good folk.  Azriel liked the battery candles (maybe we're wrong to let her play with fire... if it's fake?)!
Bundled up for Bethlehem Live... an outdoor re-enactment of the Nativity put on in our city every year - loved those loud braying sheep and donkey!

I'm loving the pace of our days lately here - more time as a family.
More sleepy mornings.
More casual crafting.
More egg nog.
Savouring this season, and can you believe it's almost Christmas?!

Hope you're finding time to be still and savour,
Mel ;o)



  1. Heather Alayne Anderson19 December 2011 at 23:30

    Nice.  We used brown paper for our wrapping this year too.  I had a whole bunch of mural paper left over from an activity I did with the kiddies at church and didn't feel like buying wrapping paper.  Brown paper packages tied up with string.  I love the look of them and how it leads to creative "embellishments."  I tried to make Todd open a gift too - or at least try and guess what it was.  He wouldn't even do that!  And, btw, I'm shocked you bought any presents at the mall!  What could THEY have that you couldn't create and do 10x better?

  2. sweet - we're wrapping twins! ;o)  Yes... I know (hangs head in shame)...but the mall had some things for my ben that I just can't make - and if I told you the surprise would be ruined (and our guys are ALL about keeping it a surprise it seems...argh). ;o)


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