climbing Mt.Everest... with a paintbrush.

Hi friends!  I know many of us in this area are longing for a white Christmas... so here's a painting of some snowy peaks I recently did.
This festive season has seen a number of my paintings being sold lately - so that gets me in a merry mood for sure!

A lovely lass commissioned me to do a painting of Mt.Everest for her husband for Christmas, and I was happy to take on the challenge.   The significance: they hiked to the base camp for their honeymoon!  Gosh, my man and I just hiked Cabot Trail out east and I was ready to pack it in for some lounging and chocolate.

I was happy with the end result, and love my drippy drips at the bottom...  thankfully she loved it too which is always key in a commission.  

So there's some wintry goodness for those of us longing to see more white around these parts.
Catch you on the flip side, slide.show.sunday will be tomorrow!

Mel ;o)


  1. Wow you paint really well!  The drips at the bottom ARE a magical touch too!

  2. beauteous!!  we are longing for snow here in maine :(  i said to oliver the other day "it's almost christmas!" he said, "nope. no snow"  clever dude ;)

  3. Great WORK Mel!!!! wish I could afford one of your paintings!

  4. hey thanks Rachel!  I'm sure we could always work something out - I like making 'deals'... bartars...swaps.. hehe. ;o)

  5. aww.. Oliver - wishing for the white stuff for all of us!  Have a beauty week mama xo

  6. Hey thanks Jordy - swell of you to stop in with something kind to always say! :o)


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