handmade Christmas: [gifts I made...]

 Remember the recent post about my plan to turn a mop into a trotting mare?  Well here it is!
Ok... so I ended up going more with a reindeer/horse thing... almost did a unicorn horn instead, but opted for wee antlers

I sawed the end off the mop to shorten it... and then padded it and bound it with leather strapping.  I pulled chunks of the mop up through the reindeer head to create the mane... then stitched and hot glued it all nice and snug.  I like the sleepy eyes (stitched felt over a shiny blue button) they remind me of Skunkboy Creature's work.  I also stitched pipe cleaners into the edge of the ears so they can be twisted up and down.  Fun.. fun!  
My daughter Azriel and I both were happy with the end result!  (There's blue velvet reigns that I made too... but Azi already snapped them off before this shot!).

And then... I stitched.painted.drew a Jackalope for my guy Ben.  Yep... a pretty fierce furry creature in all his wild glory here.  You'd have to know my Ben to know that this delighted him...
handmade Christmas success all around!
*For my own sanity(ish) I opted to not finish the doll houses out of clementine crates... but am currently working on them for Azriel in the future... stay tuned. ;o)

Crafty mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love the Reindeer/Horse ( Reinhorse?) and the Jackalope is fabulous!  I still try to make at least one thing for my children each year even though they are all grown up.

  2. Stephanie Precourt27 December 2011 at 18:56

    Oh my goodness! So creative!


  3. Hey thanks Steph! Glad to hear your crew had a good Christmas too btw! Happy new year too! ;o)

  4.  Hello Annie!  That's really sweet you still craft for your kids, you'll be leaving quite a creative legacy for all those years of heart-felt gifts I'm sure. :o)


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