handmade Christmas: [D.I.Y lace & cedar wreath]

 It's time for another do.it.yourself project that's super fast.stupid easy from this nest.
In keeping with my 'handmade Christmas - home decor theme'... we're going to whip together a festive wreath: using doily/lace and cedar from yesterday's post.

1. Grab a grapevine wreath (yes, make it - or buy it if you can't).
2.  Cut a 5" strip of lace from an old curtain.table-cloth.whatever you find.
3. Wrap the lace around a third (or half) of the wreath... and then snip sprigs of cedar and start pushing them down into the wreath all the way around the rest. 

Little helpers are welcome - Azriel wanted to sit in on the action (literally).  
She's positioning my doily brooches onto the wreath (you could use pine cones. bows. large poinsettia flowers. etc to decorate the lace section).

Azriel and I made this in twenty minutes... so that's a fun Christmas project.
Tomorrow I'll show you more of the cedar.doily-full elements of our home - including our Christmas tree.

Happy home-decorating!
Mel :o)
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  1. how great is this!!!!!  LOVE it!  *sigh* so talented mama! :)

  2.  hehe, thanks sweet mama!! ;o) 

  3. oh wow, this looks so easy to do and the reult is super pretty! you're such a creative lady, very inspiring! thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is soooooo pretty! I'm definitely going to start a wreath-making tradition next Christmas (I'm putting everything off until I'm settled in my new home, I feel like everything's on hold right now) xo

  5. thanks Kirsty!  Living life in limbo currently eh?  Hope you can still sneak in some Christmas goodies for yourself this year.... and then enjoy all the trimmings all the more next year! ;o)

  6. glad you like it - thanks Paula! ;o)


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