sweet*tea party!

Omigosh are you ready for this eye candy overload?  I hope so!  
There's a bevy of beauty bloggers to behold here... not to mention some incredibly colourful art installations... all mixed together with a cup of tea and cookies.

I bet you didn't know so many local ladies had awesome blogs eh?  I was thrilled to be a part of this delightful meet-up, and if you don't recognise these sweet*hearts right away you can get to know them here:
From left to right: Me (you're here!), Caren, 'Lucky' Jen, Elycia, Astrid, Desiree, Carly.
Front seat: our host/artist: Michele Karch-Ackerman.

Yes, this was the breathtaking installation at the Peterborough Art Gallery that we got to meet up at.

Michele led us through her installation piece that honours the historical stories.memories.lives of unwed mothers who were hidden away by the Salvation Army - and separated from their 'illegitimate' children at birth.

 We were each seated at our own vintage table setting to have tea and delicious sugar cookies made by Michele, and listened to her moving monologue about her own Grandmother's experience at these 'Army homes'.

Our table trio for tea time.  Surrounded by one hundred baby sleepers Michele had sewn from vintage curtains.

And then... we all snapped!  The photo-shoot marathon began - sporting vintage aprons (I sewed my own) and Polaroids for giggles.

Such a fun group to be a part of (my big baby belly waddling amongst all the feisty femmes!).

Yes.. there is still a limit to how may pictures you can pose for in one sitting (under bright lights and blasting heat vents!)... we may have begun to wilt.

We strutted ourselves outside for some fresh winter air... (Elycia wins for cutest kitty cat foot wear by the way).

Summer dresses and winter air meant shrieking and running back inside - after snagging just a few more fun shots (Jen wins for 'dreamy eyes'.. as usual!).

You'll likely be seeing many of these shots all over our blogs right now - it was such a fun get together for us.  We should host P.town BlogHer I think.
This is a funky fabulous group of creative ladies,
Hope you go say 'hi' to them all!
Mel ;o)


  1. EEEEE!! these photos make me squeal with delight...it was SUCH a fun afternoon, we DEFINITELY need to get together more often! now that we're all acquainted we'd be silly not to! also, i will be seeing you at twinkle tomorrow :)

  2. How amazing!
    I will have to check out their blogs.

  3. I am so jealous! Looks like a fabulous afternoon!


  4. Also, can I come Twinkle with you cats tomorrow??

  5. Goodness, these are such pretty photos of our pretty time together! LOVE that last outdoor shot! I think we better do these get togethers on a semi-regular basis, yes? My cheeks are still feeling the burn after so much smiling/laughter!
    much love!
    and I'll see you all at Twinkle, it seems! yay!
    p.s. I'll be scanning the oodles of Polaroids & Instax shots I took soon!

  6. That was so much fun! We must have another meet up soon! See you at Twinkle tomorrow!

    P.S. Thanks for saying I have "dreamy eyes"....

  7. Hi Susan! Yes do.. they're a lovely bunch of creative.inspiring.funky ladies! ;o)

  8.  .... don't tell me you're turning 'Olive' green are you? hehe... sorry - I happen to have a terrible propensity towards puns (my friends call it 'Dad' humour)... you're welcome to road-trip here next time! hehe - it was a delightful time! :o)

  9.  yeahhhh!  We could totally make it semi/regular... and call it 'cheeky-exercise group' (or agree to just take solemn serious shots for the sake of our aching faces).  Happy scanning.. and see you tonight luv!

  10. ..can't wait!  Thank YOU for having dreamy eyes... we all swoon. :o)

  11. ya! SUCH a fun day! I had an absolute blast. I thought I would be overwhelmed meeting all you ladies at once but it was perfect and so much fun.

    Also, I agree about Jen's dreamy eyes ;)

    Can't wait to see you all again!


  12. oh my, I love the picture in which everyone had a polaroid camera!! I have the exact same one, my grandpa gave it to me :) lovely pictures!!

  13. Oh wow, this sounds amazing. And you all look gorgeous! :D
    I would love to know more about this exhibition and what's behind it. Also, I would LOVE ladies like you all to live where I live (or maybe I should move to P.????hmmm) because I am the only woman I know with a Blog. :( *sad*

    Anywho..fab photos, looks like a good day. :)


  14.  Hey Nev! Thanks for that - I'm sure there's piles of 'brilliant' bloggers on your side of the pond... tho we are blessed to have a sweet crew in our 'smallish' Canadian town!  The exhibit was based on the historical events that took place in Montreal (I believe) where unwed mamas were forced to 'hide away' in these Salvation Army homes to have their babies - and then we separated from them and sent back out into their 'normal' lives as if no babies existed for them - a traumatic time for mamas for sure.
    That's as much as I know - the artist herself has a book and more details.. but no website.  Thanks for stopping in! :o)

  15. hehe.. I didn't even know how to hold it at first... probably the one person who doesn't own a polaroid in blogdom universe! ;o)  Thanks Paula!

  16. you were the cherry on top of a beauty day - so glad you could come blend in with us nutters! ;o) xo

  17. Hey thanks. :) I'm gonna see if I can find out more. Sounds like a haunting story. Painful :(

    Yeah, from what I can gather, P. seem like a great place to be. *sigh* :)

    There are great bloggers here but nowhere close enough to me.


  18. Wow, this looks amazing! I just found your blog through Elycia's. I had no idea there would be this many cool, creative ladies in Peterborough, I'm going to be moving to about 30 mins from the city (from England) in May!

  19. oh really?!  Welcome across the pond to our side of the world... what brings you this way?  What city will you be at.... I'm following ya on bloglovin now... and think your funky creative vibe will fit right in with Peterborough - for a small city there's a sweet creative core here :o) Thanks for saying hullo!

  20. :) thanks so much for your reply! I have family in Ontario and really need a change so I'm picking up my dog & heading over for a year, or maybe two or maybe forever. I'll be living on a farm in Bethany (it's tiny, you might not know it - it's right between Peterborough & Port Perry), so kind of in the middle of nowhere but close enough to get to the fun stuff! I'm even more excited now than I was, it's so nice to connect with like-minded ladies.

  21. oooh, the lovely rolling hills of Bethany - and a tiny farm?! Now I'm jealous!  My sis lives in Port Perry... so that's an excuse to come visit and bring you a muffins basket to welcome you to our fair land... baha! :o)  Looking forward to getting to know you more Kirsty!

  22. Oops, I meant Bethany is tiny, not the farm, haha. Thanks so much, I feel welcome already xo

  23. I too just found you through Elycia's blog... and I had no idea there were so many bloggers of like mind so close!  We are less than an hour from Peterborough!  Crazy fun.  

    What an amazing get together & time to remember those Moms.  Fantastic!

  24. Hi I'm Michele's sister Jennifer and I loved your photos which I just saw now! What a great experience!


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