slide.show.sunday.take 25.

Well that weekend came and went in a crafty blur of goodness!
Here's the quick recap slide.show:
 Friday night sushi date with my Ben... mmmMMMmmm!

Saturday/Sunday I was running my Needle and Nest Design table at the Focus Fair Indie Craft Show... and it was an amazing.busy.delightful.tiring.successful blur!

 It was a great group of fourteen local artisans to have a show with - loved spending time with sweet Lucky there too!

We were all tucked in to the Spill Cafe (a local cafe/bar) - a great venue for this 6th annual event!

Saturday family dinner night up at the in-laws.... Azriel tickling the ivories with her Uncle.

OOoooh and super fun... Ben went out and hacked down a Christmas tree for us..  so we got to decorate it as a family and get the living room looking all festive!

More Christmas-decor posts coming at you this week friends!
Hope you had a great weekend too - and a big thanks to all who made it out to support our local craft scene - it was a fantastic show!

Mel ;o)


  1. sushi, crafts and family dinners - sounds just about perfect to me!
    glad i could stop by and see you/pick up some goodies - thanks!

  2. Glad you had a super successful craft showing!  That looks like a great venue!

  3. It was so fabulous to see you (and Jen & Jeff!) at the Focus Fair! I think I should've bought one of your owl plushies ... an error I will rectify, promise! :)
    p.s. that photo of you with your goodies is fantabulous! you are one beautiful mama!

  4.  aww thanks sweets, it was lovely to see you too!  You were a wonderful 'London Fog' go-fer too... mmmMMMM.... soo good, thanks again! 
    (I have ONE grey plushie left... and a handful of festive red ones... you holla if you want it!) ;o)
    muah muah

  5.  mmmmm, I know right? ;o)  Great to see you there too - thanks for supporting local artisans! xo


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