my baby.fruit basket.8

Yes, we're officially into our eighth month of pregnancy here.  
I've hit that stage where everyone starts to go "woah, you're really pregnant"
"must have eaten a big Christmas dinner, eh?"
"so when are you due.... anytime now, right?"
The 'go' date is Feb.5th... but I'm going to guess we're going later than that (since my first babe took her sweet time and had to be ordered an eviction notice). Either way, it does seem to be just around the corner now.. and that's a whole wild mix of emotions for us.

Yes there's the pineapple sized baby bump now... and I'm really in the market for pants that can pull up over my head at this point - since the belly still wants to fly free in the cold winter air.

I've also hit that stage where I want to be a big 'wuss-bag'... I want to groan about the awkwardness of heaving my daughter into bed for snuggles.  I want to whine about the barrel-roll it is each night as I fitfully sleep in 'rotisserie' mode.
I want my feet up.  Back-rubs.  Chocolate.

Oh right...  Motherhood is about unconditional. sacrificial love.  I need to remember to embrace every sour note because it marks the sweet reality that a miracle is forming in me.

A 'fat' mama means more to love.
Mel ;o)

P.S... You can follow this baby's progress down the produce aisle here.


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