confessions: of a new [again] mama.

Hello friends!  
Well, this is Day 5 of having the new fella in our nest... and my midwife always tells me I may get 'weepy' at this stage.  Instead, I just feel sleep-deprived and euphoric  - so I thought I would record some confessions/observations I've been relearning about this stage of motherhood.

I always considered myself a 'laid-back' relaxed individual... but these times have revealed how manic I can truly be.  First, my midwife has told me "rest up to ensure quicker healing".. (yes, I am wobbling around like a cowboy who's been trampled by their horse in the saddle too long).  So when my Ben says "just go lay down babe"... you'd think it would be an easy point.A to point.B move:

Yes... that's more me on the right - and yes, I made a chart to illustrate it!  On my way to 'go lay down' I'll see a pile of toys that need sorting... laundry that should be cleared... messes like mine-fields on every step toward bed.  Let's all applaud Ben for the fact that he perseveres with his nutter wife and takes care of the nest while I sleep.  The real challenge is when he goes to work tomorrow... I'll need to face those messes and tell them "I don't care right now" - I need to care for me.

Another confession:  I was still wondering what adding another baby to our family was going to do to my love-meter... would I have to divide the love for our new arrival?  
I've discovered that instead there's been an exponential factor created - with this new guy to love, I'm also feeling a deeper delight and adoration towards our daughter and my husband - so everyone benefits.  
I guess I'm seeing how precious the moments are to be shared with each of them now, and our baby is a new facet to our family by which to see each other in a fresh perspective...  
... I am blessed.

...I am sleepless.

...I am a bit nutso (but you knew that already right?)

manic mama,
Mel ;o)

* You don't even know how restrained I am being to not post a thousand photos/blogs that are fluttering around my brain right now! (Let's blame the hormones...)


  1. Yay, so happy to hear from you! :) Loving that new mama glow -- can't wait to meet Mr. Hudson!

  2.  thanks Des!  Yes... we'll have to arrange a big 'party' in a week or two for all you lovelies to fly over here (Caren, Jen, Chantilly, Carly.. Astrid/Michele....) ok... maybe in shifts. ;o) xo

  3. Yup - been there, done that( manic motherhood), the mess will wait so just rest up cos your little family needs you (and then you will be super mama and not manic mama).  Baby Hudson is beautiful ( but you already know that)

  4.  Hi Annie - you're sweet to stop by!  Thanks too, we're pretty smitten with the little guy ;o)  Have a beauty day down in the land of the 'kiwis'!

  5. Yay :) I cannot wait to meet the little guy. I am already head over heels in love with his teeny tiny feetsies...that photo is so stinkin' cute!! Rest up miss...when he says "Go lay down babe" Listen to him...you want to be all healed up asap!

  6.  hee hee - thanks Carly!  You'll have to come tickle those tootsies someday soon :o)


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