D.I.Y: knitting carrier

So here's a funny old upcycling project I made years ago... and just discovered while rummaging through our garage on the weekend.

Here's what you could get if you crossed Robin Hood with a supply of yarn/wool...
a knitting quiver
So how would you make me quiver you ask?

Well, I had a cardboard tube with a slip-on-lid from an old puzzle.  
You could use a shipping tube from a postal outlet... or hard plastic tube from an arts supply store (more money though).
I wrapped it in fabric and hot glued it secure.  I also tied and glued on a strap of knitted cording.
Having a hard tube helps keep your knitting needles from impaling you or the poor sucker beside you. 
Granted, it's not a very big storage space (so you can't keep your afghan stuffed into it).  It's good for the kind of projects I used to do when I was a knitting poser...you know,  like half-finished wrist-warmers, cup cozies. etc.

So there you have it... may your quiver be all a shiver with creative upcycling delight!

Knit-wit mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I am so a knitting poser...or a knit n00b if you will. I just had my second lesson and am not so actively attempting my first scarf!

  2.  noob or poser.. you're welcome to the club!  Maybe we should all just knit our half-finished projects together and call it a beautiful mess... and take up crochet. ;o)   Good luck with the scarf tho!

  3. What a fun idea! And I think you could use this for all kinds of good things...

  4.  thanks Mollie!  Nice of you to stop by! ;o)


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