a sister's touch...

 From the first moment you met your little brother your hand reached out gently to stroke his head.  You speak in a sing-song whisper to him and he smiles at you.

When he cries... you go "shhhh... it's ok little brother... you patient".  Even when mama comes to comfort him, you're still eager to embrace and kiss him better.

Every morning you squeal 'baby brother!' as if Christmas came early... and rush over to snuggle him.

Every morning you melt mama's heart with the cuteness.love.affection you keep showing us.

And I love that you get your brother to smile at only a week old! ;o)
Yes, it's a beautiful thing to watch Azriel & Hudson developing their new relationship as siblings.  My worries of 'how she would handle a new brother' have been replaced with wonder at her delight in him.
I'm also left in shock as to how HUGE my daughter suddenly seems... she's a two and a half year old going on ten it feels like!

(So I know this week has been post after post about our kids... and you may be missing my d.i.y's and other crafty features... we're just in the babymoon stage right now, so you'll have to forgive me! ;o)

Mama Mel


  1. aw, melt my heart...as if the photo of the two of them where azie is sucking her thumb isn't cute enough...you go and post the cutest video! i can't wait to meet this little guy :)

    ps: i don't mind the baby and family posts one bit!

  2. Beautiful photos, I don't mind the baby/family posts either - babies & families have to be the best DIY ever!

  3. Never fear about posting too many kiddie stories/photos/videos.......they are precious!!

  4.  ....patooties! ;o)

  5.  aw, thanks Maureen... I do kind of use this as my 'proud mama's online version of wallet photos!'... look world - my babies - aren't they so adorable?! But I am highly biased..  ;o)

  6.  baha.. that's perfect Annie!  Making babies is a pretty rad d.i.y for sure!! ;o)  Thankfully I have NOT done a post on that one though.... nor shall I. hehe.

  7.  You're a sweetheart Carly, thanks!  I will keep merrily posting my mama's heart all a-gush then ;o)

  8. This is so sweet! They are both so cute!

  9. Oh my goodness - these pictures are so precious! And I can't believe I missed the baby news. I am off to have a good catch up. Congratulations on your wee little man.


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