Mama wears: fashion for latch'n...

 So let's talk about 'fashion' here for a minute... why we wear what we wear.  
I've said it before: I'm no fashion-monger.. I just pile on whatever suits my mood for that day. 
Yet, throughout my years certain factors have influenced my style.
If there's a red SALE sticker on it... I'll opt for that shirt.
If it seems too trendy/popular... I'll steer clear of them.
If it's got a funky design or lace or army green colour... I'm sold!
But now,
             now a different factor (once again) influences this mama's style...

I need fashion that fosters easy latch'n...
I'm sure any of you nursing mamas out there would relate.  You may - like me - look at your wardrobe and think, "now what can I wear that allows my baby easy access?!"
Especially in these early weeks where my wee Hudson is an insatiable lacto'vore.  In a weird you-always-want-what-you-can't-have way it makes me dream of getting to wear a turtleneck someday (and I don't even like turtlenecks!).  But I digress... here's the kind of outfits I tend to favour now:

I'll always be a layers type of gal.
Gold tank top. Purple scoop neck t-shirt. Denim skirt. (all thrifted).
Faded blue jacket - H&M (Amsterdam)
Purple tights - 725 Originals
Moccasins - handmade (d.i.y here).

What influences how you dress?

milk-maid mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I am nursing my 7 month old while I read this so I am right there with you! I do the layers too. I  have a bunch of nursing tanks that I bought at Target, and I love them! I would rather no one see my flabby, 3 baby belly! :) Your new addition is so handsome!

  2.  Hello Anna - lovely to 'meet' you and thanks for stopping by the nest. CONGRATS on your third - wowsers, I just read this really sweet article about how by the time you reach your third child you've learned to love with so much less 'fear'... your hands are calm and strong holding them instead of shaking with the firstborn!  Impressive that you can nurse & type a comment... I'm still working on that! heh.  Take care!


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