one. toque. three.

 Can you believe this wee munchin face was our daughter Azriel two 1/2 years ago?  
Why does that seem like just yesterday?  She was five days old here.. and we were sporting our matching toques.  My sweet friend Lynn has knit this tiny number for her, (while the toque I wore was knit by Lynn's Grandma for me - too cute)!

Fast forward to the present.. and here all three of us are.  I guess I still have the same haircut (sheesh).  Hudson scores his sister's hand-me-down hat... and Azriel just got a new toque knit by Lynn again for Christmas.  One.toque.three!

I love the cable knit pattern on Azi's new hat.. but am especially smitten with the hand-pottered buttons that Lynn made.  A close up of the wee toque reveal the knit-design of an owl at the front... what a hoot!

Speaking of owls... I just have to show you some more of the sweetness that has fluttered into our nest lately.  
A crochet owl from our friend Kathleen, and a cozy owl fleece hat sewn by our friend Erika.
There seems to be a theme around here - we are blessed with super sweet.creative pals!

I love hoooo guys,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love your silly humor! Thanks for making me laugh. Those are adorable hats! I'm hoping to knit another one - maybe like yours! - someday soon.

  2.  yipee!... ONE person in the world actually thinks I'm funny!  You're my new best friend. :o)  Happy knitting - I will knit vicariously through you if that's ok... since you know I'm no good at it.  Let me know how 'we' make out with the toque!  Have a beauty week :o)


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