Quilt*y pleasures...

 Have I told you how blessed we are to have a wealth of friends and family sharing in the joy of our new child here?  I seriously have some fantastic folk in my life who are eager to help me survive thrive at being a mama to two now.  I'm also thankful for our church family, currently they are delivering meals to our home for this 'transition time' as mama heals and strengthens to reclaim her domestic title here!  ;o)

One sweet lady at our church is a quilting/knitting phenomenon... and I just had to share this quilt she brought us.  I think she makes one for every new baby at our church (which if you know our church.. is A LOT of quilts!).  It's a completely illustrated model of the famous book Pilgrim's Progress.  It comes with the little figures - like Christian here - who has the burden that can velcro-attach from his back to the cross of Calvary.  Wild eh?

Our daughter Azriel has been all over it: catching the figures in the net of the Enchanted Garden.. exchanging kisses with the giant of Doubting Castle.. inviting her farm yard friends to travel the path too! 
Every stop along the way is interactive with pockets and tunnels and hills and trees...  amazing stitchery goodness for this nest.

Hudson wanted in on the fun too... even if it was just to rest his head amongst the flocks of sheep in Bypath Meadow.

 Aren't handmade gifts the absolute best?  
I'm surrounded by crafty friends who have blessed my socks off with sweetness for our kids... and blessed by the kind comments and congratulations you readers have left here too... 
thank you!

'Happiness is handmade',
Mel ;o) 

P.S: IF you wanted to e-mail this quilt maker you can reach her at: cbarker@canadianacabinets.com


  1. Holy moly, that is absolutely amazing!! What a blessed family you are... :)

  2. Imagine the love that has been stitched into every part of that quilt - what an amazing gift! 

  3.  very sweet.. very true! :o)


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