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So here's another project from the nest, friends. 
I wanted to create some special 'thank you' gifts for my wonderful midwives.  This time I set to work before the baby came (since I got a sweet 'scolding' from my midwife for creating her previous gift after our first baby Azriel was born!  Something along the lines of 'you should be resting, Mel!).  I can't help it.. I love to create - especially for lovely people in my life!

Having two 'primary midwives' meant making double the fun.  This was the feather hoop I stitched/sketched up for one of them.  I also made a fabric gift bag for this and one of my pottered mugs, (etc) to tuck in to.

This nest hoop is for my other lovely midwife, to represent the members of their home.  I attempted sewing a version of this felt 'rose' bowl from Pinterest... but it was a flop (literally).. and required me to tie the bowl up around her pottered mug.

So, these were some of the crafty perks to having a slow-coming baby...
more time to create while I waited.  
I guess this boy knows his mama well.
I'm very grateful for these wonderful women who guided me all along the way of being pregnant, labouring and caring for these babies in our nest.

I heart midwives.
Crafty mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. That's so nice of you Mel!  Who were your midwives this time around?  I'm so glad I went that route when I had George.  It was such a happy experience. Well mostly, I ain't never going to be a fan of the birthing process. ;)

  2.  Hey ya, thanks.  I had Care again (love her!).. and she was a 'split-primary' with Lisa W.   Also Meg was my second (but rarely met here) and Kathy was my third (and at the labour with Care). A great crew of ladies for sure - but I hear you - they can only make labour so...'fun'.  ;o)

  3.  LOVE Care <3 She was at G's birth.


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