slide.show.sunday.take 34.

Hello friends!  
Here we are at the close of another weekend, and here's another quick slide.show of what ours was filled with:

.. a lot of snuggles with our new Mr. Hudson.

...Azriel and I are competing for who snuggles him more ;o)

...a lot of laundry (le sigh).

 ...a lot of painting.

...a lot of cat-naps (Tinderpuff/Hudson/Mewsli sandwich!).

...and of course with Family.Dinner.Saturdays.... a lot of good food & memories!

Now it's Sunday... and the kidlets here are sickly...
poor Azi has been all coughs/sniffles.  Wee Hudson is sneezing his share too.

...so, a lot of sniffles & snuggles.. and cuteness here.

How was your weekend friends?

Mel ;o)

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  1. Thanks for the wee "docu-cuties" footage.....so sweet!


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