D.I.Y: fabric cloud mobile.

Hey there daydreamers!  Here's a sweet and simple do.it.yourself fabric mobile project. 
Those who know my paintings know that I adore clouds... so it was fitting that I sew up a few fluffies to hang over our dining area.  I've decided to make this a 'seasonal mobile' hence, it was first a doily snowflake mobile.  Now, it will be a 'chance of showers' theme..
Want to make one?

Pearl Beads
Clear Thread
Branch (or hanger of some form)

1. Cut a cloud pattern (large & small).
2. Double up your fleece/felt and cut out a grouping of clouds.  I opted for a range of white/turquoise/and stormy grey colours. 

3. Stitch each matching pair of clouds through your sewing machine - but leave a 1" gap at the end.  With your needle still pinning down the fleece/felt... lift the pressure foot and push bits of stuffing into the cloud (a chop stick is great for this part).  Finish your seam, trim the edges - and poof - your cloud is ready!

4. To add the groovy 'raindrops' feature, I strung some pearl beads onto clear thread and knotted the strands to the bottom of a couple stormy clouds.  You can tie a knot around each pearl..slide it to the length you desire.. and then double knot it in place.

5. String your clouds at varying heights along a natural (or painted) branch.  You could also hang them from a clothes hanger wrapped in ribbon... or a quilting hoop... etc.

Hope that inspires you to get your head in the clouds today...
and go get your craft on!

Mel ;o)


  1. thanks Agy! :o)

  2. thanks so much Violet!  I'm sure you could whip up some fluffy sweetness yourself! ;o)

  3. So cute! I love them!


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