a camel and a bump...

A gorgeous 'spring-like' day warranted a family trip to the zoo today.

Granted.. the only animals to be seen were the camel (better known as a dirty-brown-shag-carpet on four legs)... a few playful monkeys... a couple meercats.. and that snake (it was actually moving up the glass - so I squealed like a two-year old girl and ran waddled!)

If camels have humps... this mama has... one mighty bump.  Yes, still.
Like I said, I breed lazy babies.  But I'm still holding out for the fact that tomorrow night is a full moon and it's bound to shift the tides around here... maybe.

We'll keep you posted!
Mel ;o)


  1. Heather Alayne Anderson6 February 2012 at 20:18

    Also, the zoo induces labour.  Many a woman have walked around that zoo only to have their baby the next day.  

  2. baha.. here's hoping then.  I was tempted to jump the camel and hope a bumpy romp through the muddy pastures would bounce him out! ;o)

  3. I LOVE your outfit!  I need to raid your closet lol.  Seriously, you're one stylish mama!

  4. gosh, well thanks Kelly!  Really it's just a matter of finding anything that will hang/pull/drape over this gut comfortably at this stage :o)  Hope you're keeping well.  Blessings to you and Vincent. xo


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