diners and dancing...

 Yes, we're still a 'family-in-waiting' here at the nest... and today we delighted in some sweet moments while we wait.  
sunshine, and 50's Diner jukeboxes.

 A spontaneous brunch at the diner around the corner from our house...

...with my sweet folks who are the most supportive.helpful.available parents one preggo mama could ask for!  I am grateful for their constant source of love in our lives.  Azriel does a shrieking.squealing happy dance in the window every time she sees them come to our house.

Speaking of 'dancing'.... Azi and I thought an Irish jig may help encourage baby brother along.  Fun times with my gal today!  (Sorry for all the low-quality videos).

Here's hoping your weekend is a beauty one...
...and praying ours is an event-full one!

Dancing mama, 
Mel :o)


  1. Where is this place?  I must know. 

    I'm also doing my best to not ask you repeatedly about baby.  Instead I just check your FB wall incessantly.  Although I probably just broke my not asking rule by telling you all this. 

  2. I'm amazed you haven't frequented it with Lucky here... its just on Monaghan... south a block from Kenner (but the opposite side) just before Cameron intersection... fun lil' 50's joint!  We should all go for fries and Coke in the future! ;o)  Baby bro is set to 'hibernate' here it seems.... all systems are ready for go... but he's taking his sweet time.... I know I feel obligated to keep my facebook status ever updated for all the friends who are 'hawk-eyeing' it right now! ;o)  Have a beauty weekend. xo

  3. Yellowfinchdesigns11 February 2012 at 20:30

    having supportive parents is the best!! still thinking of you ;)



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