Keepin' it real... at this nest.

I'm still not sure if I should write this post...
I'm all for being transparent with you readers, and for being awkward if it's humorous at my own expense...  but I never want to make it 'weird' for you.  I just want you to know where we are here at the nest.

When Ben and I decided to have a family, we both agreed that having me 'stay-at-home' was desired.  I could not envision having kids and then leaving them while I went out to earn a paycheck (this does not mean I judge other mothers who still desire to work outside the home!).  We knew this decision would mean a sacrifice on many levels, and financially we would lose some 'perks'.  
Recently, we have realised our budget is tighter than we expected.
Almost like a choke-hold.
No extra spending... at all.
Looking to cut any/every thing that's a 'frill' in our life until we can get some stable footing.
Sound familiar?  I know a lot of young families struggle with this issue of finances.budgets.bills... and I'm not looking for pity.
Like I said, we chose this path: seeking to live simply. placing value on family instead of frills.

Here's my dilemma.
Our Internet is next on the chopping block now... and thus, this blog may go into hibernation.
I've never wanted to pursue advertising in this space, I don't want my posts to be dictated by other motives for 'gain'... but keep them real to what I am passionate about.
Trying to find a solution it was suggested I throw it out to you readers - to give you the option of 'partnering' in keeping this space alive.
That idea seems awkward.  I'm not asking for charity.  Creative ideas and beautiful blogs abound without asking anything back...  I guess I just wanted to provide this opportunity to decide if you specifically want my heart.our nest as part of your daily read.

A buck or two from a hand full of friends will keep this nest hatching each month.
That's why I've added the 'donate' button on the sidebar to your right.

Sorry if this goes against 'blogger etiquette', I would love for you readers to still connect here even if you don't/can't spare some change... honestly!
Thanks for hearing my heart.  I hope to keep sharing it with you here in the future.

Empty pockets, full heart,
Mel ;o)


  1. I just found your blog yesterday and have already made something from one of your patterns, and bookmarked four other projects.  I would be more than glad to help out...

  2. Okay, so I'm having problems with PayPal, but I will follow through.

  3. Lisa Stadelmayer7 February 2012 at 15:28

    Hey Mel! Your creativity and posts about life in general are such an inspiration. Despite the fact that I'm not creating as much as I'd like to these days, your posts always push me to get that art room set up, sew that little critter for a friend's mobile, write that song I was meaning to write, or take photos on a beautiful day. If I was going to donate to anything, it would be the message of simplicity, creativity, and love of life that you so gracefully express. I would love to donate the little bit I can, and hope that lots of others join me!

  4. Love your posts and I agree with Lisa - I am so inspired by what you do. Happy to donate some $'s

  5. my_girl_thursday7 February 2012 at 22:55

    Friends don't let friends live without the Internet.  ;)

  6. Gosh Chantilly... your sweetness knows no limit (must be all the lollipops and diet coke).. THANK YOU!  I love the blogger community. :o) xo

  7. I am so touched, and amazed that my 'ramblings' can inspire other super crafty people, and thank you!

  8. wow Lisa, sooo encouraging to hear that from you  - thanks for the beautiful words - and I am honored to inspire such a fantastic femme as you!  Thanks so much. xo

  9. Hi there - and welcome to the nest!  So glad you found some ideas to play with here... you can find all my d.i.y's under the same title at the sidebar of "Labels" - and thanks so much for jumpin

  10. ...'jumping' right on board with partnering here - sorry Paypal was weird... no worries! ;o)
    And... you're a midwife?  I LOVE midwives! xo

  11. I just saw this post right now (after midnight, no less) and am about to hit the Donate button, too. I would be very sad to see this nest leave the blogger world. Your posts are a breath of fresh air, and there is a place for what you bring the world. 
    There is also the option of having "Sponsors" - you have the control over who they would be. As with other blogs I admire, you can have like-minded bloggers sponsor you. Even for $5/month. I know I'd be one of them. I'm sure our other local gals would also take part! Just an idea, though. I haven't gone the Sponsor route, either, for probably the same reasons you have.
    Big love to you!

  12. It would be a great shame to lose you and the nest. I hope you can figure things out. I'll see what I can do at my end :)

    Much love

  13. Hullo Nev!  Thanks so much... no worries... we're fighting to keep it 'coming at you live' - and friends have helped that reality continue for another month+ here.  Hope you and your limey crew are keeping well? :o)

  14. you're kind to write/express all that - thanks Caren... muah muah!  I will seriously consider the sponsor idea - I feel like my blog 'traffic' could warrant it....  I'm just going to see how I ride out this new soon-to-be-chapter of a new baby in the nest.  I would hate to get sponsors and then be off radar and not blogging because I was boobing... I mean, taking care of baby ;o)  xo  We'll see how it goes!


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