slide.show.sunday.take 33.

Hello friends! Here's the recap of another weekend at the nest:
You know those lazy saturdays when you want a free.indoor.escape for you and the family?  If we're not at Chapters... we can be found at our local Art Gallery. 

Magical lighting floods in from the shimmering lake outside.  A beauty photo-op for wee Azriel.

Since our Art Gallery is a 'glorified wheel-chair ramp' it's perfect for Azi to run up and down - with her fancy shoes lighting the way!  We viewed some amazing sketches by:  Anne Cavanagh (we were in art together during high school... yes, she was the better artist!).

I'm sooo tempted to photo-shop a turntable in front of D.J. Azi here! ;o)

Enjoying the library collection of 'picture' books in the snowy sunlight.
Yes, 'torpedo belly' is still ready to launch... and waiting...
This HAS to be the week - eviction notice is about to get served to this baby... stay tuned!

Hope your weekend was lovely... what did you get up to?
Artsy-fartsy mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Mel
    Your torpedoe belly reminds me of my torpedoe belly just before I delivered Alek (three weeks late)!  Is it a sign?  I think so!  Have fun baby making... 
    Wishing you a wonderful birth...

  2. ooh DJ Azi is my favorite, she looks so cute wit headphones on! and we're finally getting some snow over here in germany too, yay. I really missed it last christmas.. and as to your question, not only will I be visiting Canada,I'll move there after getting my bachelors degree next summer!! still a year and a half to go, but I really can't wait! I'll travel around for a bit and see where I like it best before I settle somewhere and and I'll definitely come by to pick up that muffin basket ;)

  3. haha... deal!  I'll start baking..!  We welcome you with open arms.. you'd even love our wee city full of second hand books stores and yummy coffee/dessert cafes... just sayin'.  Good luck with the degree!

  4. gosh really?  Thank Michele... I'm really hoping the 'natural' midwife interventions this week get him moving on out... otherwise the end of this week is likely his deadline (tho I hope to not have to induce if I can help it/if he's still in a hospitable womb)...  hugs to you and crew. :o)

  5. Hi Mel
    This is Agy. Have featured you :-) Remember to grab my button !
    Agy from Green Issues


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