D.I.Y - upcycle men's shirt into dress.

So, I'm not going to lie... this project was inspired by wanting to create something that I could labour in (for fear of those repulsive hospital gowns!)... um, yah.  Turns out I discovered a pretty cute dress idea instead - so I won't be wearing this while giving birth, I'll save it for a fun summer date with my man!  Maybe you'll be inspired to upcycle an old shirt from your fella's closet too.  It's in my classic style of super fast.stupid easy too, even my Ben was laughing at how I whipped it up in half an hour!

Men's Dress shirt (whatever size fits your frame)
Stretchy Ribbed Fabric (fabric shops sells them for waistbands often?)
1 metre of lace
Sewing Machine
 1. Cut the top shoulders/collar and arms off the plaid shirt.  Cut a square of the ribbed stretchy fabric for your chest (10" high roughly)... this fabric is like a tube top and should fit comfortably over your bust... (alter to make it so if needed).
2. With your shirt inside out - sew up the side 'armpits' - this will be the hip part of your dress.  Tuck the tube top down into the shirt with right sides facing in... and pin in place.
3. Using a loose zig-zag stitch feed the shirt/tube top through your sewing machine...gently pulling the stretchy fabric to meet the shirt edge as you go.

4. Now we get to use the sleeves from the shirt...as dress straps!  Unless you prefer the strapless look - but this mama does not.
5. Slip on the dress and position the sleeves with the wrist cuffs to tuck down in the front panel. pin in place. 
Same deal goes for the back.. (overlap the sleeves and pin in place) you may need a second pair of helping hands to reach back there. 
6. Another loose zig-zag stitch to attach the sleeves to the tube top with matching thread.

 7. Snip two small holes into the front of the dress seam (orange pins marked here)... and thread a metre of lace through.  This adds a cute finish to your dress and helps tighten the dress for a secure fit.  Tie any leftover lace in your hair for added flair!

Rock that baby belly upcycled men's shirt.
You can layer it with lots of outfits... and undo the buttons if you need to hang your gut out - since that's ladylike.  I plan on using this lots more - once this baby pops out (any day now).

I have a few more variations I hope to try out in the future/ and share with you.

Maybe I'll start a 'miss.lumberjack.lady' clothing line.

Preggo in plaid,
Mel ;o)


  1. love how easy and cute you make things look. If only I knew how to use a sewing machine. lol 
    Maybe I should just pay you to make me clothes ;)

  2. You are quite the seamstress and make this look easy enough! Great job!

  3. gosh... I don't think I've ever been called a 'seamstress' before! Thank you Kendra!  I have such a fast.sloppy approach to sewing that I make my 'elite sewing friends' cringe/laugh at most of my antics... doesn't help that I always say we're 'sewers' instead of seamstresses... that's just awkward. ;o)
    Thanks for stopping by the nest!

  4. thanks! I really do hope I make it easy looking - since its the only type of sewing project I'll attempt.  I fully encourage you to learn the basic of sewing - its a hoot...  though I would also fully encourage you to hand over large sums of money to me! ;o)  take care!

  5. Thats absolutely fantastic!!! 

  6. well thank you!  Thanks for stopping by here, hope the tutorial gets you sewing a new fashion line for your wardrobe too. :o)


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