D.I.Y: moccasin slippers

 I promised to share the do.it.yourself instructions for these moccasin slippers a while ago, and am finally getting around to posting the tutorial here, sorry for the delay.

Want some cosy feet warmers for cold winter days?

You'll need:
tracing paper
Fleece/Felt (in three colours/patterns of your choice) 2' squares for each fabric roughly.
Leather/Vinyl for the bottom of slippers
Suede straps/shoelaces
14" of elastic
pins/sewing machine
1. Step on to tracing paper and outline your foot (drawing .5" extra around).
2. Lay paper over your foot and draw a loose outline (this is the top of your slipper).
3. Cut a rectangle that wraps around the back of your heel and meets at the front (7" high).

4. Cut the 'foot bottom' pattern out of fleece and leather/vinyl to double up your slipper bottoms.

5. Cut your 'top foot' pieces out of complimentary fleece/felt.  (I added the embroidered 'flower' from a stitched tapestry I had... feel free to add a 'patch' or stitch your own design).

6. You can sew some top trim to the rectangle of 'heel fabric' for a stiffer edge around your ankle - or leave it as an unfinished fleece...

7. With right sides facing each other (bottom of foot and back of heel pieces) pin the heel to wrap around the back of your foot pieces.

7(a). For a more snug fit you can stitch a piece of elastic into the back of your heel piece.
(Hold elastic at stretched-out point while allowing the machine to do a zig-zag stitch). 

8. Pin the final top piece of your slipper over the moccasin (right sides facing in still).. stitch around the entire slipper on your sewing machine.  Trim edge, flip right-sides out.

9. How you 'lace-up' your moccasin is up to you.  I just threaded some suede cording through the front of the fleece (seen in top picture).  You could attach velcro, or punch snaps into the fleece, or grommets with shoelace.. depending how fancy you want to get.

Hope that gets you steppin' in the right direction to coziness!
Moccasin mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love this one so much I might actually try it!

  2. make it so!  If you have any questions along the way.. holla... I still feel like I'm not 'clear' enough in my tutorials.  *Also, if you prefer to have the toe part wrap around the heel instead of how I sewed it here.. you just pin the toe section face down to the foot part FIRST.. and then wrap the heel piece around to sew.  Gravy?  Good luck Matrim! ;o)


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