mama's boy.

 This is the post where I'm all sentimental and trying not to be.
I've never been a hugely emotional person (granted, I probably seemed like a Vulcan before the heart-mushing experience of having children).

All that to say.. there's a lump in my throat right now.
Here I am, on the eve of this Craft show weekend.
My suitcases are crammed full of crafty goodness... I'm excited.
This is my first I-bounced-back-from-having-babies-craft-show, so that's something.
It's kind of a big deal (you may recall my past artist vs. mama struggles).

But now, the thought of being away from this guy is tearing me up a bit.
I know our daughter will be fine (celebrating an early Christmas with Ben's relatives)... but the 'big Hud' the "Hud Huderson" the "big fat Hudsy"... well, he's a mama's boy.
Or, I'm a boy's mama (?).
We're kind of crazy about each other.

If you're a parent, you'll probably 'get me' on this.

This is the first day I'll be away from my 'baby' (10 mos) boy.
Other than needing that surgery when he was a newborn... I've always been here for him.

Tomorrow he's spending the day with my kind parents.
Don't worry, I've written them a encyclopedia of tips and tricks for Hudson's schedule.. (because, you know... it's not like they have had 3 kids of their own.. ever).

I'm sure the day will be a merry blur, and I'm excited to share about it next week!
I just keep feeling bittersweet about not having my boy near.
(The temptation to bring him along in a baby carrier did present itself... but my spine screamed in terror of heaving his 26lbs around a crowded craft table!)

 Tomorrow night will be extra-snuggle time with the family!

Hope to see y'all at the Focus Fair tomorrow... I may need a hug!  (They're FREE).

Mushy mama,
mel ;o)


  1. Sending ya all the virtual hugs! And i got my package of goodies the other day and I love it all! The extra brooch you threw in was fabulous & I think might look pretty fancy on my coat. Enjoy the craft sale tomorrow, you 'll be back cuddling your bebe before you know it!

  2. Oh, vunderbar! I was hoping it would arrive quick enough at this time of year.. glad you liked the extra bits... it is a festive looking brooch for fancy-ing up a coat I'd say. ;o) Thanks for the warmth Gilly-bean. ;o)

  3. Your craft show is going to be amazing! Wish we could be there.
    Also... 26 lbs! Whoa, chunker. Mine just hit 23 lbs and he's a good 4 months older. Lots of great mommy milk!

  4. Yeah, well we're not really that far away too, which helps :) Oh and amusingly, my parents live like 1 street over from you :P Small world, right?

  5. They do?? Ha-larious!

  6. Thanks Natasha ~ would have been lovely to meet you for 'reals'. HA! He is a beast for sure... maybe it's all the food I eat (er...chocolate!) lol. ;o)

  7. wish i could go!! i would totally give you a big hug...i know exactly how you feel:).
    i hope your day is so special, fun, and successful<3!! i'm sure your crafts and art will fly out the window! you make such lovely pieces!

    and that 'little' guy is so adorable:)...26lbs!! that is pretty darn awesome! love chunky babies!!! he's too cute<3!!

  8. By now the fair should be winding down and you should be heading back to your little man! I hope you had an awesome day of selling and hanging out with other crafty souls like yourself. I'm sure the big Hud did great with the grandparents. And, I bet he'll be super excited when you get home for those snuggles. xx

  9. It's true! I'm now home - absolute exhausted (silly me STOOD all day.. and only ate a cookie/ginger ale... sheeesh!). Hud passed with flying colours - was a wee angel for the folks... so that was great! A good show today.. round two tomorrow - time to rest up! How was YOURS?

  10. Save that hug mama... some day... some.day. ;o)
    Thanks for you support - it's been a good show so far... half the stock is gone (guess that means the rest could go tomorrow!) Chunky babies = MORE to love. hehe.

  11. yup! I didn't grow up there (East City gal, represent) but they moved out there a couple of years ago:)

  12. You can find out about mine on the blog today!


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