D.I.Y: children's salt sketching-tablet

 You know that moment when see some crazy product while shopping and think: "I could make that myself!"  - OR - "they expect people to pay money for that?!"?
Yep, that's where I live.

So, when I see these novelty 'Zen gardens' (a glorified box full of sand and a wee rake... for sale) you guessed it, I think "I could make this for my daughter who loves drawing in the sand!".
So I did.
So, here it is...

 Pretty basic:
A dollar store wooden box (with lid)... or any shallow box you have around the house.
Chopstick or Branch
Contrasting Paint.

 I painted the bottom of the box to help contrast against the salt sketching.
Let dry.  Pour in a shallow layer of salt.
Now your kids can sketch/write/scratch away!

 "Look Azriel, Mama wrote the letter 'A'... now you try... yep, nailed it".
To the right, you'll see what Azi always draws without exception: a "Dragon".  Love her.

And, as usual, she just has to get her hands in it.
Which makes for some salty thumb-sucking, take her word for it.
Hmm, all this creating n' cholesterol is making me hungry for fries.

Chow Ciao for now,
Mel ;o)


  1. This is great! But I would probably have to make 3.... or one big one. What I need is an indoor sandbox, and a maid. Maybe this would be a good incentive to Stop sucking the thumb- let me know how that goes- Theo is still a committed sucker and he's almost 4. We won't be able to afford braces so if he has buck teeth, he'll have to live with them.
    Say Hi to Ben and Azriel and Hudson from all of us!

  2. When I was younger, my dad made fancy wooden boxes and then turned them into zen gardens. They were lovely. I bet I would have really enjoyed that as a kid. It looks like Azriel is all over it!! :)
    Salty thumb sucking sounds terrible, though. Hehe.

  3. Neat idea Mel... Reggie is going to want one of those if he gets a chance to see Azi's! Guess I'll put salt on the grocery list :oP

  4. Ha! Be prepared to find it around the house afterward... (Azi thought it would be fun to do on the couch.. oy!). xx

  5. He did? Wow, that's random.. and a cool memory for you then! Yes, salty thumbs does discourage her... for a brief moment. ;)

  6. Haha.. lets both have maids - then we can craft more! lol... You should totally get one of those 'under the bed' plastic storage bins... and fill it with salt/sand(?)... that would be fun!! My folks tried every trick with me as a kid = thumb-sucker. Poison nail polish - I'd lick it off.. Rewards of my lil' Pony.. I'd quit long enough to 'win' the pony and then stick the thumb back in. Never got braces.. but have a nice gap at the front which always leaves one pesky row of corn on the cob! ;o) Happy holidays to you lovelies!

  7. yes... I've thought of that, and it is a deterrent. Sorry to hear about the gritty couch! lol


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