super-squeeze me...

 Oh these two.
So much sweetness and chub' can barely be contained by one chair anymore.
As you can see, sister Azriel has been perfecting her strangle-hug over these past 10 months of having a brother around the nest.

Azriel took this shot of her brother - on the left - pretty slick, eh?

 The big Hud'.
Handsome Hudson.
He loves helping with the Christmas decor.. by attempting to eat the bells off our homemade stockings.. or the low hanging tree ornaments.. or any other tiny choke hazard he can find.
He loves peek-a-boo,
saying "Da-daaaa",
and lunging around the floor at any particle worth eating.
Sporting a lil' kerchief/bib I made... and the 'deer' painted shirt I passed on from his sis.
Paint-splotch jeans from Sears.
Cute Moccasins from Old Navy.

Azriel is giddy as a Christmas elf lately.
She loves decorating,
Most of her sentences end with - "that's a good idea, don't you think??"
Most of them start with - "I wanna see Grandma/Grandpa"
"I wanna a snack"
"I want to watch sumpthing".
Azi wears random bits of gifted/thrifted threads.
(I just love the excuse to link up with lovely Morgan from Small Style once and a while.
But, as you can see, I care a hill o' beans about fashion and name brands.
We're happy to thrift threads.
Grateful to be gifted the others.

I actually don't give a hooot what anybody's kids are wearing as far as the labels, I just love seeing the sweeties I've come to know keep growing into such fun individuals!)

Plenty more Christmassy cuteness n' craftings coming your way here friends,
stay tuned...

Still aglow,
Mel ;o)


  1. I just want to hug them! They are so adorable!

  2. the old strangle hug....we know this oh so well ;) i love this post. we're not about labels and we always thrift. i'm not saying i don't like fashion, because i do, but i just don't have the heart to spend the money. especially when thrifting is more eco friendly and cost effective. happy thursday friend!

  3. they are too cute and our girls would get along like two peas in a pod.

  4. I love the strangle hug! Haha!

    Those are some seriously adorable kids! And, what are you talking about? SO stylish in their thrifted and handmade outfits!

  5. Hehe, well thanks Morgan.. I appreciate you hosting such a non-compliant 'rebel' fashionista as myself! hehee. Next time I'll show them in their favourite lounge pants.. a.k.a.. the jogging pants number they would wear.every.day. ;o)

  6. thanks! I think us mamas would have some fun together too ;o)

  7. Hey thanks for stopping in lovely, I agree whole-heartedly... I prefer thrift for pretty much everything (other than the 'nasty' bits like undies... lol) because it is eco/cheaper yes, and because it seems more 'real'.. like the object have history.. instead of some shiny, hollow, lifeless new thing. You know? Anywho, you & your family are beautiful!

  8. Aww.. you're sweet, I'll make sure to pass it on to them. ;o)


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