sneak peeks: (craft show corkers)

 Hey there friends, this is the week.
The last week to put finishing touches on all the goodies for this upcoming Indie Craft Show!

Here's a few more bits & pieces that will be crammed on my table:

 Colourful cork mushroom magnets!

More painted feathers - in frames this time!

(Still saving one of my favourite recent project for last... stay tuned this week).
Hope all you lovely locals will be able to come visit us crafters/artisans this weekend.. and please introduce yourself if you managed to meet me here (before in real life!). 

Hope you're having a loverly Monday,

Mel ;o)


  1. I LOVE these! Especially the paintings. I have a craft show in 12 days! Eek! I need to start making things ASAP.

  2. What a cute idea. You never cease to amaze me. I have my own wee little craft fair this weekend. It's on Friday night at my girlfriend's coffee shop. I think there will be about eight ladies with their crafty goodness. We're going to spend the night selling, chatting and drinking mulled wine. I'm living the good life. ;)

  3. i am in total love with the middle feather! good luck at your show!!

  4. Oh Mel!! I need one of those feather paintings. My best friend & I have matching feather tattoos & I always end up getting her something for Christmas with a feather on it, and I haven't found one this year and these are perfect & she'd love them I just know it! Are these the only 5 you have? If so, I'd like to for sure put one on hold if that's possible? How much are they? Sorry, so many questions...I'm excited!!

  5. Aww, that's super sweet - would love to help you keep the tradition going! I facebooked you. ;o)

  6. The orange/gold/cream one? I love it too.. has some real retro-vintage vibe going to it! Thanks so much Trisha! ;o)

  7. I'll be wishing you many warm crafty thoughts this weekend!! Hope its awesome for you! Will it be all your felted/crochet goodies? Keep an eye on your mailbox this week lady ;o)

  8. Thanks very much Bethany - you best get crafting your brains out there.. hehe.... good luck with your show! Will you post pics on your blog? ;o)

  9. I've already got started on two things! Yeah, I'll be sure to take a lot of pics, because the holiday craft show is always pretty. :) I have a picture of my booth from the October show on my blog, but it's a long table, so the picture looks quite small in height. Hard to see everything clearly.

  10. Wow, you are like super purple cloth woman!
    And you still have time to write.
    Hope it was a blast!

  11. hahaha... is this a Prov.31 reference? ;o) Niiiiiiice. Thanks lovely! I'd love to imagine myself being even half the woman she was! lol

  12. The mushrooms are very nice!! Your blog is rich of many brilliant ideas!
    xxx Clod


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