salty n' sweet...

 Tis the season for more crafty.messy.painting parties with my daughter.
This edition saw us decorating our salt dough ornaments (which was a total fail project for coming out of the oven all spongey... so we let them air dry to get hard!).

 Regardless of their 'density' Azriel is happy to slap paint on anything she can!
We went with the colour palette of red/turquoise and gold.
Nothing screams 'unique festive decor' as the garishly delightful projects your kids create.
We were also kind enough to share these masterpieces with the Grandparents too (just in case they thought they had finally reached the stage in life of making a posh/pretty tree full of store-bought baubles!).

Oh, and the real purpose of salt dough ornaments... seizing the moment to capture how small/big our kids pudgy hands are!
Seeing how tiny Azriel's hand was three years ago just made my heart go mush.
Meanwhile, Hudson got to make his own hand print - the big boy's first Christmas!
Do you have nostalgic ornaments?
(Growing up, our Grandparents gave us a new ornament every Christmas... I still have most of them, and they go on the tree every year now).

Our decor style:
salty n' sweet sentimentalism.

merry mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Looks like fun! Maybe it's time to get some of the nieces over for a painting project since i don't have a little lady in the house like yours! =)

  2. Those little hand prints are so cute. It's crazy how much Azi has grown in a few years. It seems like it happens so fast when you're that age.

    I'm glad to see that despite the spongey consistency these guys turned out. :)

  3. True! I think the only way I can convince myself that they were once that small EVER is by keeping these tangible reminders around. These baubles weren't nearly as cute as yours.. but fun, yes! ;o)

  4. A wonderful memories-making moment with their favourite Aunt then... have fun!


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