advent: soul stirrings.

This season is a sacred one.
Those of faith - like myself - celebrate the Incarnation (God becoming a man - Christ).  
We rejoice in this reality... while many others try to remove any/all trace of Him with blinding lights and commercialism.
In a season of hustle and bustle.
Crazy crowds and credit cards.

I want to pause.

To remember a humble stable.

That the God of all glory, stooped down to be placed in a dirty manger.*

 So with this advent season upon us, I decided to inspire a 'new' tradition.
(Last year we had the chocolate for our daughter, and the verses that accompanied each day). This year I put a special Christmas tea package in each flag, too.
Yes, I'm a tea-granny.
But more importantly... the time it takes to brew, sip, savour that tea... will be the time I'm intentionally spending steeping my soul in Scripture.

Daily quiet time is always an issue of intentionality.
Having something as simple as a cup of tea in a 'calendar' helps my distracted mind.
(So far it's even working!)

I want this season to be one marked by my heart,
glowing in His grace and glory.

steeping & still,
Mel ;o)

*The gospel story is much much more than my brief line above... 
this spoken word says it better (and like a hipster):


  1. Beautiful, I too am a "tea-granny".
    Pray that everyday is a beaut.

  2. Thanks lovely, wish we could have a tea-date together! ;o)


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