It's getting hot in here...

 I warned you.
This here... this happened.
The obligatory family Christmas card photo-op... sabotaged by the rebellious hubs.
He only agreed to step into the shots if he could be a shirtless Mr.Tumnus or some other such oddity, (oh, and the beaver had to sit in too).

Now you know why you didn't receive a Christmas card, friends.
You're welcome.

We have a pretty silly nest here... and, I love it.
I hope your nest has a very wonderful holiday season... filled with warmth,
laughter, good food, friends and family.

I'm also hoping for good health - as we're all still recovering from some nasty colds around here (like swallowing a weed wacker).  We take such simple things for granted until they're taken away it seems... 
God, teach me to have a grateful heart.
It's been a year rich with memories, and His faithfulness every step through the journey.

We have a lot to celebrate.

Merry Christmas, friends!

Mel ;o)


  1. Merry Christmas, Mel:).
    Sending lots of love to you guys!

    ...and silly xmas photos are thee best:)!!

  2. Nice, Ben. That's a great memory. Merry Christmas you guys!

  3. What!? Hilarious! Ben, you crack me up! Merry Christmas you bunch of crazies, you!

  4. tee hee.. he cracks me up too.. daily. Reason numero uno I fell for the guy in the first place! Merry Christmas to you lovely mama!! xoxo

  5. Ha! Thanks Cristi... sending warm blessings your way at this wonderful season! xoxo

  6. Right back at you Krista! Wish we could run out and grab a Christmas chai latte together.. or something yummy! God bless you and your sweet crew! xoxo

  7. lol--Merry Christmas! It's all about enjoying life anyway, and you guys sure seem to do that :):)


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