hazy holi.daze...

New friends sizing each other up.
Cat in the bag.
Homemade goodies to share.
Last minute touches on Ben's "home.brew/home.slice" painting.
Toy constellation.

Oh, hi Christmas... can we have a do-over?!

Seems each year becomes a faster blur.
But, this one is especially... hazy.
What with our crew being totally sick through the season... it made for a less than ideal holiday.
Many of those events/traditions that I look forward to each year, had to be neglected this year to keep our family 'quarantined'.  We still managed to celebrate with extended families (though we feared spreading the germs).  The kids were wanting constant cuddles and snotty snuggles.

So, while we were blessed with 
loving memories,
thoughtful gifts, 
tasty feasts,
festive drinks, 
and a sparkling white winter backdrop...

the temptation to throw a pity party was still there... but even in our rough patches, God has blessed us with so, so much to be thankful for.  The trick is just learning to adjust the 'setting' on my ability to see it some days.

A merry <hazy.stuffy.hacking> Christmas was had!

I do hope yours was lovely, friends... 
Have you resurfaced from your turkey comas and egg nog hangovers?
That new scarf looks beautiful on you, by the way!

Mel ;o)


  1. Merry Christmas, love! I hope you guys are feeling a little less snotty and head full of marbles-ish. Sending you extra love for speedy healing! xox

  2. aww thanks - we'll take it! Ben and I are pretty much back to 'normal'... would love to see the kids stop coughing real fast.. been a lot of lame nights around here lately...! Thanks for the warm wishes, hope yours was a merry one!! xx


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