This is the post where we catch up.. maybe over a cup of tea (or coffee, or mulled cider, or egg nog!).  The post where I share about what's new in our nest... and that's not just crafting projects.

 Ok, well there is this latest project... a foxy scarf for our daughter (totally inspired by this) and now that I've made it... I kind of want to keep share it!
The remaining gifts I still want to make are starting to dwindle as the days to Christmas do the same.  
I'm still shocked that we're already in the '20's' on the advent calendar!

 In other news... it looks like everyone in this nest is catching a good dose of colds/fevers in time for the holidays.  Azriel has been in constant-cuddle mode, which has forced a type of quiet relaxation amongst glowing lights, festive movies and warm tea.
Despite these rough nights of erratic sleep and tandem criers... God brightens each baggy-eyed morning with these glorious sunrises!
Speaking of crying... there's a sweet new set of little lungs in the house!
We are SO delighted to have a new Nephew (Finley) added to our family crew here... born safe and sound earlier this week (pictures to come I'm sure!).
It's kind of adorable to hear another baby in the house... I just keep wanting to run over and squeeze him.

 All in all, the days have been set to a pretty relaxed pace around here.
After that crafting blitz for the Christmas show... it was pretty freeing to feel like I could just chill (and not cram every spare second with creating!).
Despite the winter weather I haven't felt much cabin fever.
Sometimes I think these four walls are my wee sanctuary (I guess that's the introverted half talking).  I would gladly be tucked in here with my family, and crafting projects for endless days.  Granted, I realized we need to get out more when Azriel started remarking with glee at how beautiful the sidewalks were... yes, sidewalks.  I think she was just stoked that her and I were hiking it to the park all bundled up - like a mama/daughter date - while the boys stayed home.

But, when the weather is too yucky for playing outside.. this homemade play.station is still one of her favourites!  You should hear the hilarious conversations that her toys have while being buried in rice.

Annnnd in other, other news:  I'm changing my hair again.
It was at the blah-brown stage.. and getting just long enough that my fingers were itching to chop away.  I'm trying to grow it longer (says me like every time before I hack it).
So I opted to 'change' it up by doing an ombre-dye job.
Onyx black.. to brown.. to blonde ends (yet, to finish with the flaming red tips!).
Meanwhile, this adorable picture of our sweet chunks of cuteness was taken today.
I was really trying to convince my guy Ben to 'be a sport' and pose for the obligatory family Christmas photo.... turns out the only way to get him to agree to said photo-op is if he can dress up, or in this instance - go shirtless!

Tune in next week (or don't.. you've been warned) for the dysfunctional family Christmas card from our Nest to yours!

This weekend will be filled with family visiting, food feasting, last-minute gift purchasing/wrapping, baby-holding and carols singing... well, if we all survive this next round of sickness. Shaeeeesh.

Hope you have a beauty one, friends!

Mel ;o)


  1. That fox scarf is so cute! And I love your hair!

  2. That scarf is SO awesome. You are THEE craftiest!!
    Your hair looks great too :)

  3. aww, thank THEE! ;o) Have a merry weekend Carly!

  4. I was totally delighted with how it turned out too... and it was simple/fast to do, so that was a bonus! Thanks Beth.. merry weekend! ;o)

  5. Cute fox scarf! I love it!
    Hope you guys feel better soon! ♥

  6. thanks... it turned out cuter than I was expecting! lol... we're still battling a slow death over here, but hope to clear it out by Christmas... come heal me oh homeopath-lady! xo ;o)

  7. Hmmm... Well, the thing that has worked for me more than anything this season ('cause I was sick for a while) was going to bed with the kids and not waking up until I was fully rested several nights in a row. A couple of nights I slept for 10 to 12 hours!
    Without knowing your specific symptoms, I can recommend some general products that I like. If you guys have sore throats and a cough, try Nin Jiom Chinese cough syrup. It works very well. The Martin and Pleasance Kidz Minerals formula, 'Cough and Cold' is great for Huds and Azie (the 'Pain and Fever Ease' formula is great too!). I also love the Natural Factors, 'Anti-Viral Formula' and oil of oregano for you and Ben. I hope that helps! ♥

  8. hey you ~ thanks so much for the kind recommendations.. these just may warrant 'braving the crazy crowds' to go buy! You're a real sweetheart. xx


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