D.I.Y: toy drum inspiration!

Ok, I'm sure you've all seen the adorable toy drum tutorial by the awesomely talented Katie over at A Beautiful Mess blog... amiright?
I was eager to jump right in to this project.. (since, you know.. I don't already have a growing mountain of Christmas crafting on the dining table).
But it really is a super simple, fun project.
I just used materials I had on hand.

 Empty soup cans. (Or, for larger: coffee can)
Fabric of choice.
Glue Gun.
Vinyl (they recommend leather... and it makes sense..since vinyl will tear if pulled too tight).
 Wool/Suede straps
*Rice*  (my added ingredient inside the can for a synth' beat!) hehe.

I made one for our lil' drummer boy Hudson.. and just had to create a special one for our soon expected NEPHEW (being induced Monday!).
Thanks to the lovelies at A Beautiful Mess for the inspiration today.
I'm hooked on how adorable these are.. and want to make a gazillion.
Check out this cutie's mad skills:

I love how big sister Azriel 'shakes it' too.. what a great groupie she is.

Now, make like a drum... and beat it.
womp womp.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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