confessions [of a Mel] part.10.

 Hmmmmm.yah.okay... so New Years is right around the corner.
Time to set some goals to burn off all those calories we consumed over Christmas, right?
Time to make resolutions... and pretend we'll stick to them this year..?

My confession:  I really avoid making resolutions/goals for myself.
Like, at all.
I dunno, maybe I just fear to make goals... and then have the sting of failure slap me in the face as I bomb the attempt(s).
But, I've never been a health nut, needing my weight at a certain number to feel happy.
I've never been a competitive athlete, needing my endurance to meet a check list.
Never required certain 'hoops' of myself to jump through.

I'm the kind of gal that takes life a-day-at-a-time... nice and easy like.
I'm still trying to decide if that's wise or not.

See, I get the intent of goals.
The idea of better'ing oneself... or, pushing one's level of discipline, commitment, endurance, etc.
Visionary people excel at this.
I'm just not a visionary.

Sure, I still have desires and dreams.
I just like the idea of being surprised by them along the journey.

Soooo, without getting too specific or scary... these are things I can resolve for the New Year:

 1. Keep learning my man Ben... keep growing in love.

2. Be intentional in daily quiet times of prayer/meditation.

3. Eat chocolate.

4. Keep learning our kids, love and teach them well.

5.  Get that girl to use a potty someday (even if it kills me...!).

6. Suck it up and get my dang driver's license already!!

7. Continue to show hospitality, inviting new people into our home.

8. Produce a new art collection to show/tour.

9. Host fewer pity parties (or just stop inviting myself).

10. Go to bed earlier... err, I already know I won't.

Ok, that's a good start.
I'm already feeling too committed here... which breaks me into a cold sweat.. and may get me committed to a ward!

So what about you, does this time of year get you cracking the whip?
To-do lists or don't?
Go easy on yourself, I still like ya!

Here's to a New Year, friends.
I raise my glass of Yuletide Ale and cheer you on!

Mel ;o)


  1. Good goals, but I think you should still try for number 10 :-)
    Love you,

  2. I haven't decided yet whether I'll make a list of resolutions or not. Like you say, they're easy to forget and feel guilty about later. I do make goals for myself and seek to achieve them, but there's something about New Year's resolutions that makes me less likely to put the effort in. I hope you stay true to yours. You have a good list there, my friend.

  3. Oh, I hear you there... something about 'everyone' making new years resolutions makes me want to 'rebel' and not do it! I definitely hope I can buck up and do some of these (i.e.. I really need to get my drivers... that's just getting silly!). Thanks for that vote of confidence, I'll try to stay committed! ;o)

  4. Hehe... you may be right there. It's more the fear of going to be and then being woken up by the kidlets lately that has me just staying up to 'deal' instead! Love you too!

  5. Happy New Year!

    So what is going on with the potty training? Warning...unsolicited advice to follow! From a mama who has been down this road x 4 I have three tricks... one, when they are ready (some earlier some later) they are ready... two, if you are lucky & they don't like the feeling of being wet put their big person underwear on and then put a pull up over top (they will feel icky if they go, but mama bear can have less mess and not fear going out of the house... three, bribes. lol. Smarties worked for one, dollar store bracelets worked for another, hotwheels & licorice worked for the other two. I know... shameless.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Danielle!! Hello lovely.. been thinking about you (you're not blogging yet are you?? let me know when/if you do!). Thanks for the advice(s).. on this issue I'd gladly take any and all input. We were off to a good start with her a while ago (as long as she was running around bottomless she knew to get on the pot!). Now she's reverting back to "I like pooing in my pants, its fun!"....argh!
    Realllllly hoping she just 'decides' to get it sorted sooner than later. We may have to homeschool just to ensure she doesn't have to go to school in Depends! ;o) Happy New Year to your sweet crew! xx

  7. im the same way - i never make "resolutions" and i love how you said it to nicole that you dont because everyone else does! hahah im the same! i make goals for myself, things i hope to get done within a certain time frame. but im not a nut about it - because life happens when you arent looking- the more you are watching and nagging at things the slower things seem to progress. so you wont see any "i vow to work out 3 times a week" or anything silly like that on my blog - im still on the fence if i'm going to post a list of my goals for the year tho - ah..we'll see how im feeling... but i liked your list =) and good to know there are others out there wanting to rebel against the traditional resolutions!


  8. haha! Glad to know I'm in good company Trish! Total rebel-without-a-cause here.. namely. if EVERYBODY is doing it... I'm running the opposite way! ;o) Happy New Year!

  9. That's why I chose to be a journalist. That way I'm running toward the disaster instead of away. ;)

  10. Mel, i think those are great goals and i think us mamas would have a great time if we were to hang out because we have SO much in common!!! i too need to just get over my fear of driving and get a drivers license also. i also do not like to make new years resolutions and the only one i made last year and will make again this year is to..... paint more!! happy 2013 to all of you. xoxo

  11. Yes please...!! I think YOUR resolution should be to 'move closer'... lol! ;o) Glad I'm not the only nutter mama still not driving! Happy New Years!! xx

  12. No, not blogging... still don't think there is extra time. Miss it though... so maybe? Oh so she is doing the #2... that is always harder. Does she do all her #1s in the potty... if yes then hey that is something. Way TMI, but some little ones are nervous to put their #2 in the potty and flush it away... like it is a part of them. lol. But seriously true. We sang the poo poo likes to go swimming song (totally made up) and it actually seemed to help. Its all good as poo poo loves to go swimming. lol. Oh the memories and the things you would never think you would do or talk about before having kids. lol.


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