thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #14.

 Well howdy all you fine feathered friends.
It feels like a gazillion years since I last did a post about the clothes I've thrifted and upcycled into something more funky....  so here's the latest:

 Ok, wait.. first I have to show this awesome owl sweater from Old Navy (I blame thank Astrid for showing off her fox version! hehe).  While shopping there, I saw these baseball shirts on clearance ($4!) and thought I better buy them for some fun.
(I know this doesn't quite count as thrifted... but hey, it's my blog, my rules).
 I was still determined to get a fox shirt... so I stencilled my own version (fox inspired by this design).  You may recall, I just slice a stencil out of a plastic projector page and paint it onto the shirt.

For the blue shirt I wanted to draw some more coloured feathers (oh, surprise)!
I opted to try out these Sharpie "Stained" fabric markers and draw freehand onto the shirt.

Now I have a trusty fox by my side.. and a few more feathers under-wing.
If you're a newer reader here, you can always catch up on past upcycling adventures!

frugal fashionista,
Mel ;o)


  1. So much goodness! Those shirts are totally my favourite! Might be buying some tomorrow at work ;)
    Your the cutest! (As always ;)



  2. I LOVE your owl sweater, fox shirt, AND feather shirt. How nice to have three new adorable shirts!

    As for the fox sweater...I wanted it but it was sold out online before I could get to it, too. My local store never got them in and had never heard of them, but I finally found it at an Old Navy about an hour and a half away. They had several of them and now I wish I would have bought them all!

  3. Amazing!! I love the designs you did...you're pretty awesome Mel! I wish I had half of the creative brain that you do. And those baseball tees are pretty much thrifted, I mean for $4!

  4. Those turned out gorgeous!!! I adore the feathers and the fox is just so darn cute. I think I might have to get my hands on those markers. Think of all the fun you could have!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Those feathers look like they were printed on. So cute!

  6. Haha.. thanks for the 'goodness' shout-out! Still *jealous* of you and and Kiki's fox purchase! lol
    That would be a tempting place for me to work/spend my salary at! xx

  7. Haha! Way to hunt that fox down you pretty hound. ;o) xx

  8. Aww... making me all blushy-blush over here. If my creative half-wit mind can inspire a wee bit in others.. that makes me happy! $4 is thrifty.. agreed (considering V.V would probably have charge $8 for them... ha!). xx

  9. Thanks pal! Would you believe I got those markers LAST Christmas and still hadn't used them till now.. redunkulous right?! I think they do start to fade with washings a bit... but the options are endless for fun to make with them! xx

  10. Hey thanks Beth... I think my 'freehand feathers' ability has improved due to the endless amount of them I've been making lately! lol :o)

  11. Ahhh so cute!
    Love them.
    You are amazing, you know that!

  12. Aww thanks sweet mama, hope you guys are doing well?! xx


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