Confessions: mood rings.. and feeling blue.

Lately I've been battling a real pile of gloomies in my head.
Call it the post-Christmas nose dive.
A pinch of seasonal depression.
Or, having sickly kids over the entire holiday season...
...you know what I mean?

I'm not often a real 'Debbie-downer' and this space is usually one for creative inspiration, et all.  But heck, if I can't show my true colours here.. then I'll quit blogging.
Speaking of colours, remember those mood rings from high school?
The stone was supposed to change shades according to your temperament?
Well, I guess that would put me at a wintry grey tone right about now.

So, I thought I'd share my go-to list for splashing some colours of cheer back into my emotional 'palette':

1. Get active ~ usually the last thing I want to do in a full frump.. but so important.  A gorgeous hike through snow-laden forests is just the ticket.  Otherwise, if stuck at home... I crank up the music and do some ecstatic dance moves with the toddler!

2. Slow down ~ (ironic, I know).  Sometimes after such a hectic season as this, the introverted side of me is needing an intervention.  Some much needed quiet, cups of tea, reading and settling my soul is such a comfort.
3. Create ~ I.need.to.create.  It's so woven into my core.. that going even a day without making something gets me...agitated.  (Remember that's why I blog so much.. it counts as a 'quick fix' for the designer side of my head!).

4. Clean ~ another way I bust those blues... is by organising/cleaning our nest.  Productivity is like Prozac (the merits of this statement are dubious)...  But, if I can beat one corner of our house into submission - for even a moment - I feel a bit calmer!

5. Connect ~ Usually sadness squelches socializing.  I just want to curl in a little ball in a dark cave with a burning pile of poop beside me... (wait, did I say that out loud?).  Anyway, it's true.  Pity parties just aren't that fun in the long run.  Turns out the best 'bouncer' to invite to that party is called "Gratitude".  Once I start reflecting on all the blessings in my life - despite the trials - it's like I'm shining the silver lining.

Also, when I remember there's loads of people around me who, too, would appreciate some encouragement, some kindness, somebody to really listen... then I remember to 'get over myself' and reach out.  True story.

So, while there's a time for every season under Heaven, (I do believe sadness has just as much a right to be present in the heart as joy... currently) these are just a few of the measures I take to splash more cheer into my moody blue moments.

Maybe it helps some of you too?
Wishing you a warm and wonder-full new year.

Mel ;o)


  1. I really appreciated your honesty! Feeling down when so many other bad things are going on in the world sometimes feels so selfish, but I too have found myself in a winter slump :( My kids and then myself were sick over the entire holidays too-so it is a bummer when that happens and I gotta say it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one--ok maybe that came out wrong. I don't ever like to hear someone is feeling down or blah, but it's nice to know you understand-hope that sounds better!! Your ideas are great and my top 2 are cleaning and trying to slow down-I totally get that! Here's to a healthier, happier new year-Happy 2013!

  2. Aww, ha.. I totally get what you're trying to say Aura - and, thanks! Sorry your fun guys were feeling sickly, too... it does make for a pretty disappointing 'festive' season doesn't it? Thanks for being here, happy new year to you and your crew too!! xx

  3. i hear ya mama and that is all good advice of things to do when feeling blue. i too need to start painting and am glad the holidays are done with even though it has left me with that what now empty feeling...
    happy new year!

  4. Hey Claudia, you're a sweetheart. Hope you get splashing in the paint colours real soon! Give that Lily a squeeze from me ;o)

  5. Thank you! Hope you are all healthy now-we need to set up a play date!

  6. The photos in this post are particularly lovely :)
    This is a great list. All those things can make me feel better when I'm down.
    In reference to the first thing on your list, get active, Johnny and I started a new thing this past year- we go to the gym two to three days a week. We were surprised to find that we LOVE it. I tried to get out of going a couple of times because I didn't feel up to it, but once I force myself to go, any bad feelings I have before the gym are gone afterwards. And we're both feeling stronger and healthier. It's been a great change in our life.

  7. Hey Andrea - that's impressive - way to go you two! I remember fondly that 'happy hormones' rush of working out... always felt ready to conquer the world afterward (or just have a shower!). Thanks for sharing ;o)


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