Pottery Studio Tour...

 One of the highlights from this fun weekend was attending the open house for the Kawartha Potters' Guild.
I was eager to see where my ol' pottery teacher George had moved his Park Street Pottery shop to.  Yes, he's as happy as he looks.. the sweetest potter around.  His old shop was a wonderful spot for me... a past creative outlet.  I love(d) working with clay and seeing the unique treasures coming out of the kiln, (I was even selling some at my last craft show).
Seeing this big, bright new space for the potters got me tempted to jump back in the clay!

 Actually, daughter Azriel did just that... she was flipping this lump like a pancake endlessly.
Hudson shows his happiness in the space by doing bicycle kicks.
The atmosphere was warm and inviting.. with yummy goodies and mulled cider, too!

 There's over a dozen unique potter's represented in this new space... which makes shopping for the perfect piece quite an adventure.

I finally decided on this gorgeous smoky tan and turquoise mug/vase... it's my go-to cup for all my daily brews now.

If you're a local, check out their website for many classes/tours available!
Pottery is such a calming, beautiful process to take part in.

Missing my clay,
Mel ;o)


  1. Oh! Fun. I've never attempted any sort of pottery, but I've always wanted to. There is a new gallery space being built for five arts organizations in Jasper and one of them is promising pottery lessons. I hope that comes true so I can give it a go!

  2. I love making pottery so much! I wish I had a kiln. :)

  3. Cool - what do you like making? I always avoided the wheel... and went with the good ol' hand building route ;o) Other than the utilities bill.. a kiln would be awesome!

  4. Oh yes, you really should try it out Nicole - its super fun once you get into it!! xx


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