Shop the Nest: (Fleece Cuffs/Cowls)

 Oh hi, lovelies.
Just popping in here with an update to the Shop today.
Remember those funky cozy fleece neck cuffs/cowls I made for the Christmas craft show?
Yes, they were a big hit.
In fact, there's only a couple left... so I'm putting them up here for you to grab.

 This is the prototype cuff I made (and kept to wear!).
I only have two ONE of these 'pumpkin spice' cuffs left to sell.
(The other option of 'winter's grey' have SOLD OUT).

You may recall, these cuffs feature two large handmade 'branch' buttons.
You can wrap the suede straps around the buttons to fit it snugly around your neck.
One size fits all.
***Pumpkin Spice Fleece Cuff***
$30 (+$5 shipping).

(I will mark these as sold here once they're gone).

 This 'snowflake design' fleece cowl is also available.
Only one left.
It's a looser fit than the cuffs above (pulls over head). 
$30 (+$5 shipping)
If you want to see a better model of how hot this is... check out Nicole!

As usual, just e-mail me first to confirm the order - and then there's the handy 'PayPal donate' button on the right side bar here.


I hope all of you on this side of the hemisphere have gotten this gorgeous pile of diamond dust snow this weekend!?  Love it!
And to all, Happy New Years!

See you on the flip side, friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. ...just keeping you aglow with 'warm fuzzies' and 'cozy cowls' buddy! ;o)


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