Allllllllrighty folks - here it is - the final sneak peek of handmade goodies flying the Nest!
I'm starting to pack up the suitcases for this weekend's Focus Fair (it's hilarious how most of us crafters show up with all our vintage suitcases in tow!).

So here's my latest hooty-full creation:

 Hand-painted owl pocket-pillows.

 This limited collection features a 'secret' pocket on the back to stash away lil' treasures.
(Fabric pockets come in a delicate bonny blue floral - or chocolate/smoke blue chevron pattern - atop a turquoise vinyl).
I love these cutie hoots.

*Though, truth be told, they almost got cut from the 'to-do' list.  Call me a rebel, but have you noticed that owls are everywhere lately?  I didn't want to look like just another person trying to sell 'em... but then I thought: 'Anyone who knows me already knows that I've loved owls for a long time - and they're always part of my craft shows in some form or other.'
So here they are, and I'm happy about it!

Oh yes, and these wee hoots will be back this year too:
Soft owl plushies in a cheery Christmas cherry tone!

In other tweet news... I received a beautiful handmade gift from around the world last week!

All these goodies came from a kindred-crafter, blog reader, caring Kiwi named Ann.

She knew I loved owls... and embroidered this gorgeous journal cover!
She also made the adorable half-eaten gingerbreadman ornament, and gifted the Kiwi plushie from another crafter - as gifts for our kids.  What a sweetheart!
Thanks lovely!

Well there's the hoo's hoo of recent goodness around this nest, I'll spare you any further puns and sign off for today!

Owl always love you,
er.... I mean...

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. We liked owls before owls were cool ;)

  2. I so wish I could come and see you this weekend! Your table is going to look outta sight! Have a great show! ♥

  3. I'd like to think we're the ones who made owls look cool. ;)
    Stoked to see all your lovely goodies in person this weekend!! xox

  4. So cute! I love the pink owl. Good luck to you!

  5. Please, please, please take photos of your booth. I am having a hard time imagining how you are going to fit so many things onto a table. You really have been a busy little crafter. I can't believe the number of different projects you've been working on! You're astounding.

    Also, I love that journal cover from Ann... and I make little gingerbread men like that, too. Was hers made out of sandpaper? That's my preferred medium for those little guys.

    Good luck on Friday!!

  6. HA! You and me both - I kind of wished I rented TWO craft tables... but here's hoping I can make my one work like a 'clown car' and cram it all in! It is a lovely owl isn't it? She made the ornamant from some form of felt it feels like....(a pattern from Beautiful Mess she said).
    Good luck to you too sweets!! xx

  7. Thanks muchos Beth! Um.. pink? Maybe my lighting (or the computer screen) is off.. they're all cherry red... but thanks! ;o)

  8. Tee hee.. I'm cool with that. ;o) Stoked to see your pretty face real soon!! (Hope Leigh is coming with you too!?). Karen 'squared' is always fun as well... we can make you our London Fog 'mules' again.... lol! xoxoxoxoxo

  9. If wishes were fishes... um, something like that. WISH you were able to be here too! I'll let you know how it goes! xo

  10. ....further proof of our coolness... the who's HOO of coolness, really. (smirk).
    Problem is that now that they are so 'cool'... they're everywhere - and I want to BUY them all! lol

  11. I think my color is of a bit. haha. Hey, speaking of unicorn poop, have you seen the recipe for rainbow unicorn poop cookies? I want some so bad!

  12. Ha... I sure haven't heard of those.. but they sound crap-tastic! #funniest.comments.tanget.ever. ;o)

  13. Those owl pillows are adorable!!!! I love the cheery Christmas tone one. :)


  14. Thanks bunches!! ;o)


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