A.musing.mama! 1.7

Yep, I'm guilty of this all too often.
Spinning around the house like a Tasmanian devil.
Whirling through the loads of laundry, 
Splashing through the dirty dishes,
Reading various books, er.. blogs.
Holding one kid, then cuddling another....

Yes, that sweet wonder of a man can get lost in the daily chaos.
Do we even remember what eye colour our husband has?

It's a pretty crazy irony to stand at the altar and commit our life to someone, 
only to ignore them in the daily clutter of life.
And how often do we expend our energy on every other little thing in the day... and then give the depleted sag of a leftover lump to our man?
That just ain't right.
Let's make the time to sit across from each other and have some intentional 'eye contact' time.
To hear how each other are doing, for reals.
To drink our afternoon tea together.
To read, and pray together.
To laugh, to tease..
..and, stuff

For us, this time is only available in the afternoon.
When the baker man is *awake*.
While the kids nap.
Undistracted attention.
I savour this time of day.

So this one goes out to the one I love.
I'm looking at you Ben.. with those big gray-green eyes...like the colour of fog over a marsh.

Now, go stare at your man (but not in a creepy deranged way)!

Mel ;o)
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  1. I love this! I don't even have kids and I'm still guilty of this. Such a great message, Mel. I hope you and Ben have some time to enjoy each others company today.

  2. aww, heh, thanks Nicole! Today was actually one of those truly chaotic 'ships in the night' kind of days with me at work, and father's day parties after... and him exhausted to bed early.. so alas, I'm missing him already! Tomorrow is US day! ;o) xx

  3. ..much like yerself, thanks lady. ;o) xx

  4. Adorable! Yeah, date night is a must but it so rarely happens for Johnny and I. We're hoping to be able to do that more now that we're moving to the city and we'll have access to babysitters. Sadly, sometimes even when we make plans, we cancel because we're too tired! A clear sign we're getting old ;P

  5. aww, yeah those date nights are such a great fuel for the relationship - it's just getting the energy to make them happen, agreed!! Hope this move is a good one for y'all!xx


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